D-d-d-double Dragon

Well, holy smokes it’s already that time. Today is Tuesday so that means… the dreaded maintenance day is upon us. However, at the time of this writing, it’s nearly noon EST (9am PST) which means Heroes will be live soon.

What does that mean to you? Dragon-Mama time little babies, and all of the insanity that will come with it. Alexstrasza has officially joined the Nexus and it’s about to get real hot in here.

The former-Aspect and current leader of the Red Dragonflight is the first (yes, FIRST) Support Healer in the entire game to come with % healing baseline. What does that mean? It means that she is  AMAZING at healing high health heroes such as Tanks and Bruisers. Will this shift up the meta? Only time will tell but if she proves to be as strong as she was seen on the PTR it may mean that we’ll see a lot more double Tank/Bruiser comps with only a single Support. Or you know, more annoying double Support comps that make you want to have the match end 5 minutes in.

Anywho, Alexstrasza gets away with this insane healing by means of truly being “The Life-Binder.” Her first heal is through Gift of Life. An ability that sacrifices 15% of her health to heal 150% of that to an ally. This, of course, scales with her health over the course of a game. Coupled with a short cooldown (7 seconds untalented) it’s your go-to quick heal.

Now that’s all fine and dandy but where it gets out of control is her second healing ability, Abundance. A gorgeous green circle is dropped on the ground that after 3 seconds heals any allies on it for 20% of their health. Period. That’s a lot of health for any Tank/Bruiser out there. Couple that with her trait “Dragonqueen” which allows her to turn into a dragon (Yes, more than just Chromie’s taunt) that empowers ALL of her base-line abilities and you’ve got a scary Support (quite literally).

And that’s not even her ultimate. She can choose the Life-Binder heroic which “binds” the health of herself and another Hero. After 2 seconds whichever Hero has the lower %health will be healed up to the same %health as the higher health hero. Did your eyes just go cross-eyed? Me too. It’s easier to see in the video below.

Imgur - AlexstraszaHeroic

Crazy right?

Her second heroic she can choose is called Cleansing Flame. This helps complete the dragon fantasy we all knowingly harbor. After a brief delay, Alexstrasza takes to the sky where she becomes UNTARGETABLE. From there she can drop up to 5 fireballs which heal allies and harm enemies. They are targetable with your mouse cursor, and once all charges are used, or you’re out of time, where-ever your cursor lies is where you’ll choose to land the Dragon Queen.

So what does this all mean for you? The Nexus is going to get a lot more dragon and Alexstrasza is just the start. This quick overview didn’t even touch her talents and there are some doozies at level 20. So what are you waiting for? Let’s join the crowd and try the new hero together! At least until they nerf her into the ground.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.
Additional GIF Art ~ “Gift of Life” from Lewis Burnell on Ten Ton Hammer.

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