Diablo III: Season XII

So a new season has come upon us denizens of Sanctuary. What’s a season you say? Well my good friend, it’s very much what it means in any other context. A season in Diablo is a term of time in which everyone who opts in with a new/remade character starts fresh. NO advantages. Nothing. Nada. It’s exciting because it makes the game feel new again. No longer does anyone have a one, two,  or even five-year advantage on you. We’ve all started fresh at level 1 at the same time.

This also means that the Necromancer has been out for one full season so now is the best time yet to try one.

I, being one of the many who got the Necro at release have been more than pleased with them since. However, nothing is perfect and the latest (oldest? most re-occurred?) Nephelem to become playable is not an exception.

That’s what makes this season so exciting. Now that the initial bugs, buffs and nerfs have been given out to the Necro (and other classes if that’s your jazz) everything is in a good place. A great place even. This just makes a new season that much more of an intriguing prospect to try.

I for one have dove right in and I never thought I was going to play a season. I didn’t think starting over would be fun. But honestly, it’s great. It’s exciting to challenge yourself and know that many (many, many) others are doing the same. It makes getting that first legendary, or the first level capped character that much more rewarding. To go on and be able to (re)experience all of that at a relevant difficulty level isn’t something you see a lot of. Better yet, raise the stakes and make a hardcore seasonal character. I know I already basically scream (in all games) when I’m about to die. Add-on that hardcore characters can only die once in the game (just like real life folks) before it’s all over and you’ll be full of adrenaline in no time.

If you’re still nervous, or tentative over it all don’t be. It’s Diablo, so you owe it to yourself to at least once to wade into that wonderful bloody hack-n-slash that the series has become known for. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or one of the original Necro’s who saw the horrors of Tristram. It’s the best Diablo III has ever been.




Featured Art ~ “The Necromancer” from ChrisCold on DeviantArt.

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