What Your Most Played Hero Roles Say About You

So you play Heroes of the Storm? Excellent. But how do you play it? What’s your hero type? What would you rather it be? I honestly thought for a long time that I was primarily an Assassin and a Specialist. With a fair balance far below that of a Warrior and Support. Oh, how very wrong I was.

Heroes Roles Screenshot Agg-wCloseUp


This is the current display (with minor editing) for your most played Heroes, Roles and other stats. Down in the bottom right is where you’ll see my role summaries represented by their individual icons. Do you see what I see? I’ve played a fair amount of Assassins, but that’s about where my estimates from before end. My Warrior is actually quite high at nearly the same amount of games, while my Specialist and Support are considerably lower also running somewhat neck-and-neck. The final Role is Multi-Class which we don’t really count as of now (be quiet Varian).

Now look above that at my four main heroes. This can be misleading. Honestly, it depends on when you joined Heroes. Late in the Beta, a patch came out declaring whatever you had done/unlocked from a certain point onward would carry over to live servers when the game launched. This affected me too of course. But that was a long time ago and the game has changed ALOT since then. My point is that the friends I run with nowadays aren’t very comp-friendly to an Abathur. Aby is one of those Heroes that you need to work around. If your team isn’t prepared to do that then… games can get rough. So why is he my most played? Like I said, the game has changed. Those numbers above are skewed from those earlier days (oh dear me I loved cloning Ultimates).

This applies to most of my top four for similar reasons. If I were to look at this 6 months from now I can almost guarantee you that Warriors will become my most played. Why? Because I play with my friends nearly every night and being the tank/bruiser for the group works well for me.

I’ve droned on enough, let’s do some quick analysis:

HotS-roles WarriorWarrior

This is me, for sure. I feel like those who play Warriors are those that like to lead the team… into confrontations. This isn’t a perfect science but I will always take an initiation off of a Warrior then wait for the pyro-crazed Kael’thas to run in there and get himself killed. Warriors like to be in the fray, to have that extra health to either muck around, set up a potential kill or as a bit of a safety measure. Generally speaking, they don’t hurt as much as Assassin’s but the utility and sustain they bring can very well make up for that.

HotS-roles SupportSupport

Oh, what an odd category this is nowadays. Generally, those who play Supports are often thought of as healers. This is mostly correct however a Support can be defined in a few different ways. However it occurs Supports support their team with be it heals, stuns, shields, or other cooky-ness (owls and mines anyone?).

People who play them often want to be helping the team in the broader sense. They want to help make those daring plays work, secure that extra mercenary camp, or save one of their allies when they really should have perished. Supports are awesome and you should always thank them. Everytime. In any video game they exist in… unless they go damage, never heal and are never with the group, but we won’t talk about those people.

HotS-roles AssassinAssassin

Ah yes, the thing everyone starts out playing and thinks they’re good with. An assassin is there to well, assassinate; kill. If they aren’t doing that then maybe they should have been something else. Though they do bring some utility (sometimes able to multi-lane or do camps solo) in general they should be the ones bringing the hurt when kills are set up. A setup being luck, a successful team ambush, taking advantage of a Hero being out of position, or the occasional freak game-sense activation where the world goes black and white and suddenly you can see all past, present, and future possibilities before you. That last one rarely happens.

Those that play Assassins want to be the damage. They want to be the ones responsible for getting the kill or keeping that experience lead. Unfortunately, that is a fine line to walk and Heroes is a team-based game. So for those out there disagreeing with me just remember this. There is a vast difference between an average Assassin and one who knows what they’re doing. Those great ones can nearly carry a team. They know when retreating is OK, even if you lost the kill. Keep your wits with you alright?

HotS-roles SpecialistSpecialist

Finally, it’s time to talk about that awkward middle-child the Specialist. They are unique and don’t necessarily fit into any certain archetype. They are often quite good at laning, but that isn’t always true. They tend to bring odd or unique skills and abilities to the match and can have attributes that vastly differ. Damage, utility, lane pressure, solo-ability and even healing at times. Specialists are special so it’s best not to try and make sense of them.

If you love to play one, then you probably are one of two things. You love to lane and mostly want to PvE your way through matches. Laning and granting constant strong experience gains can easily be the edge for your team to win your games. Or, you’re an oddity. A unique snowflake that either doesn’t know what to be or enjoys the vast amount of cards you can bring to the table. It’s nice to be different, so why don’t you? I get it, believe me, I do. Oh Abathur, will I ever be able to main you again?


And that’s it! That’s all everything in a nutshell. To be honest the roles model is something I expect to be reviewed in the next few years as it seems to be out-dated. We keep getting more and more unique Heroes joining the Nexus and this style of assortment is starting to feel out of place. Not to mention poor old Varian being the only Multi-Class. Can someone answer me why Kharazim isn’t considered a Multi-Class? No? Well, that makes about as much sense as an illiterate fish-man who fights naked with… oh wait. Just keep swimming Agg, just keep swimming.

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