The Solo Queue Conundrum

So you’ve gotten over the hurdle of actually queuing into Hero League. Well done! But now you’ve hit the solo-queue wall. Welcome to the club. I too am experiencing the same thing. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

First things first, it’s not REALLY as bad as it seems. I know when you face a loss, after loss, after loss it can be really debilitating. Usually when that happens to me, I either switch to Quick Match, group up with some friends, or just outright change to another game. Here’s the thing though, losses need to happen. It would be crazy to assume anything else. The issue here is when you get a lot of them, and I mean a lot. Lately, it seems every other day I queue I’ll get into this insane losing streak and all I can think is “WTF am I doing so wrong?”

I’m fairly sure one season I had something ridiculous like a 40% win rate. But remember, there’s a lot more behind that number. For one, how many games have you played? If you’re under 100 I wouldn’t worry that much about your number of losses or conversely, your wins. Remember, it’s easy to have say 20 games and lose 15 of them. That doesn’t mean you’re a terrible, terrible player (probably). Rather, it means your sample size (the total amount of games) is so small that you can’t let yourself think you’ve been accurately ranked. It takes time for the game to figure out where you should be. If all you do each season is a couple dozen games then you’re not playing enough. Try to forget about Quick Match and instead just queue into Hero League every time.

But this is a 5-man game. So as to be expected, you will need to work with your team if you hope to secure a victory. And that’s the catch, isn’t it? Ironically, that was the core aspect of the game that initially drew me in above all other MOBAs. The fact that we didn’t level up separately meant it was truly a team effort. You need to remember that. If you’re playing on a team be sure to play with your team. Go after objectives together, secure forts and keeps together. Whenever possible you should be working as a unit.

This, of course, goes both ways. Let assume you’re doing everything I mentioned above. You get into a new game, past the draft and it’s looking alright. You counter-picked well and it seems you at least have a winning chance. Then this one (or more) guys on your team start. They run off on their own. They overextend and promptly die because of it. They don’t listen to pings and often are just off in their own world, as your solo-support, doing merc-camps. Ugh… This too will happen. Best concede and hearth out of there right? WRONG! Work with them! We just talked about this. They won’t listen? Fine. Join them then. Let them lead or dictate wherever it’s possible. Everyone going to the northern plant terror and they go south? Go south! Talk to them as you do it. Be vocal but polite. If all you do is s*** all over the way they play, and how they’re losing the game for you do you really think they’ll listen? You can point out wrong-doings and give courteous criticisms where appropriate, but keep it friendly. If all you do is bark down each other’s throats you’re not going to have any synergy. Someone who is tilted isn’t thinking right. They’ve been triggered and will play accordingly.

So cheer up, it’s not all bad. You will lose but you’ll win too. As long as you keep going back in with a respective and positive attitude even the bad games will be tolerable. You’ll be surprised how evenly things will balance out with time. Remember, I’m pulling for ya. We’re all in this together.

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