Play Your Heroes Your Way

So what did they say this time? “WTF are you doing? What spec is that?” or “You’re doing it all wrong, why would you ever take that talent?”

I have a lot of problems with that guy so let it be known I’m on your side. Here’s the thing, every match we level up. Certain tiers of levels award a talent choice. This is Heroes take on the shops you generally see in other MOBAs. But just like in every other game, picking a talent can often fall to min-maxing. There are generally anywhere between 1, and if you’re lucky, 3-or-so talent builds. These are the ones being played by the community and can often be found on excellent websites such as, or There is nothing wrong with these builds and I’d argue that in almost all cases they are the result of trial and error by the community. Collectively as a whole, we’ve figured out what’s working and what’s not on a Hero and decided upon certain builds.

However, there are other talents aren’t there? So, if you pick something out of the norm are you wrong? NO WAY! At the end of the day, you play your Heroes the way you want them to be played. Whatever feels best to you is your own opinion and is not something anyone can tell you-you’re wrong about.

Take for example my forever-secret-crush, Sonya.

sonya_by_nicolasaviori-300ishX500It took me a long time to get good at Sonya. I understood how she worked and had even done research into how others were playing her. For those not in the know, Sonya is in the role of a Warrior but plays more akin to a Bruiser. That is to say, she doesn’t quite function as a main tank most of the time but instead as someone who gets in the middle of a fray and causes mayhem. Her damage is not to be underestimated and provides excellent pressure and burst when needed.

But I just couldn’t do it. But that didn’t matter to me. Other people were playing her just fine so there wasn’t any good reason to me that I couldn’t as well. What was wrong with me?

It took some time for me to figure that out but personally it came down to a single solitary talent: Ferocious Healing.



If you go check right now, or take a time machine back to when I was learning you’d find that no one, NO ONE, was picking that talent on her. And that came with a very good reason. Though the talents choices you see above weren’t always the ones available at level 7 there were still “better” choices available. Namely, “Follow Through.” But that didn’t suit me, or my playstyle. Yes in terms of damage it is and was considered the go-to. As you can see above there are also some sexy Ancient Spear talents that are quite delicious to go for. But for me, I loved basically having a near-free heal on a fairly short cooldown. It supported my fantasy for Sonya that I got in there, ran amuck and just kept on trucking. With heals from auto attacks (as a level 1 talent), and Ferocious Healing I was constantly getting topped up which significantly helped me apply the pressure I wanted to do.

So while you’re out there in the wild yonders don’t lose yourself. Whether you’re just new to a hero and playing around with their talents, or you have your own unique setup you prefer to groove to don’t be dissuaded. This is everyones game and it’s up to you in how you play it. Or as Sonya would probably say “Hi-Yaaaaaahhh!!!”




Featured Art ~ “Battle Ready” from Mr–Jack on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Sonya” from Nicolasaviori on DeviantArt.

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