Group Dynamics

So you’ve wrangled some friends together and charged headlong into the Nexus. You’re about to queue up when you think “Wait, should we try and synergize our picks and grab some other Heroes?” I cannot tell you how often I’ve had that same question myself. Let me give you the answer I’ve come to from all of my match experience: Yes-No-Maybe?

Let me explain a bit, my friends and I constantly play Heroes at night. We generally have a good time and occasionally even synergize well. However, that’s often where we go wrong. So wrong in fact that we’ve nicknamed ourselves “Team Anti-Synergy.” We may play with the best intentions at heart but our execution is almost always off, awkward, and sometimes just plain sad.

Don’t misunderstand me, working with your team whether they’re your friends or not is an integral part of success. But no matter what we seem to try and do we always fall flat.

So let’s assume you’re not me or my friends. Picking Heroes that synergize well is an incredible idea. In fact, it becomes more and more of what you *should be* doing as your group size increases. This is especially true if you’re a full 5-man. Having a group that has an exceptional amount of control, a high amount of sustain or even just a lot of global presence can really go far. Of course, it’s more about how you work together right? This means having things like attack speed buffs for your auto-attack characters, or high crowd control for your high burst damage. As long as there are ways that your individual Heroes compliment one another then you’re on the right path.

Of course, when my group tries to do that generally this is what happens. We come up with some ideas of how we could work well together then proceed to fail. We get in each other’s way, we fail to do our combos, or we wait so darn long we lose our opportunity to do our plan in the first place.

The irony of course for my friends is that we often work best together when we don’t have a plan, when we don’t synergize and we’re just having fun. So my advice to you is very simple. There are currently 74 Heroes to choose from in-game (75 soon when Hanzo arrives). Pick whoever you enjoy the most or who you are best at. This will give you the best results on average, at least as far as Quick Match goes. Even if you have some bad games, or get countered hard you’ll probably still enjoy the experience. So grab some friends, grab some Heroes and get yourself back into the Nexus.




Featured Art ~ “Different Universe Collides” from Kevin-Glint on DeviantArt.

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