The Daily Grind

Oh dailies, how they’ve become a part of our everyday lives. But don’t get me wrong Heroes of the Nexus, I mean no harm. Why I remember a time not that long ago when they didn’t even exist! In fact, my first run in with dailies in any game was way back in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Once you were at level cap, these different questing hubs would slowly open up which allowed you to do repeatable quests (aka. dailies), once daily. These were actually a huge hit at that time as it provided a very easy way for people to farm out reputations and money. A theme you can still see today in basically any game that they’re present in.

In fact, nowadays daily quests are everywhere and it’s hard to escape them no matter where you go. Even outside the universes of Blizzard dailies appear on many game apps on Android, Apple or even Facebook.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Are dailies really bad?

No. No they are not. In fact, as much as I or others complain about them were they to be taken away I would be furious! The only reason they’re so annoying is because everyone wants the rewards from doing them but there simply isn’t enough time in the day for many of us to do them all.

So let’s refocus. Dailies. They are important and if possible shouldn’t be ignored. Yes, if you only log on every few days then they might seem quite daunting but let’s do some simple math:

Gold from Dailies

Now that is assuming a lot of things but it gives you a ballpark range. Assuming you played every day of the week/month/year and ONLY received the worst daily quests (in Heroes) you’d still net a lot of money.

So boil that down for yourself. Let’s say you only play a fraction of that time, with a much wider mix of quests, and the occasional bonus gold from winning a match. You’d still end up doing pretty good for yourself. That’s what so great about Heroes of the Storm.

Junkrat on a bomb-Doing Math-500x-200ish

I love the fact that I don’t need to spend money. Play enough and I’ll earn most of what I want from the game. That’s excellent! Now that’s not a solution for everyone I understand. Many of us have busier lives then even myself whether it be because of work, family, or just your social life. But that’s why there is the option of using real money should you have something you simply MUST HAVE.

So it’s a give and take system but at the end of the day if someone like me can do it then so can you. Clocking in at only about 1 and 3 hours a night of gaming, it is more than possible for you to get what you need out of Heroes simply by playing.

So get out there, don’t ignore your daily quests and be a team player. Your next new hero may be just one quest away.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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