Why I Love Warriors

My Garrosh, they’re just so darn good. I can’t fully express to you the appreciation I hold in my heart for the Role of Warriors, aka. tanks/bruisers in this game. They are fast becoming my most played Role for a very good reason.

For starters they’re meaty. They are intended to be the ones who are first into a fight and the last ones out. For this, they need that extra little padding in the form of health and often extra armor. That core of their kit is very much what encourages me to play them so often. I love being able to get into the brawl and not just disintegrate. The feeling you get when you start the fight and instantly have Heroes run away from you in fear is simply awesome. When the other team knows they’re on the losing side and try to get away something primal arises in me. “Oh no, you don’t!” I bellow throughout the office and charge headlong at them as they run for their gate. I start to get ahead and begin to body block personally ushering in their own demise. “That’s cute. You thought you’d live.” I utter under my breath as I walk away from the wreckage and silently hold up my fist in silent victory.


That felt almost as great to write out as it was to experience.

But I digress, it’s a bit more than that. I suspect it harks back to other games such as WoW where you wouldn’t pull the boss if the tank and healers weren’t ready. And although both of those roles were important ultimately it was the tank who often started the fight. In essence, alot of the time they would become the pseudo-leader whether you liked it or not as they tended to dictate how and when the encounters would be run.

And that’s great for me. I don’t *have* to be the leader however I certainitly don’t mind it when I do. That speaks more to my character iRL then anything else but it’s true. I like to direct, I like to control and I like to make the pick on what Hero we’re going to collapse on. So whether through instinct or pure blood lust I am naturally drawn to the Role of the Warrior.

So if you like to cause mayham, to lead and dictate the flow of battle consider trying out a Warrior. They are the hearty Heroes of the Nexus always ready to take up arms. And if you’re already a Warrior then perfect. I welcome you to my side anytime brothers and sisters in arms. For Honor and Glory!!!




Featured Art ~ “Last-stand” from ThomasJakeRoss on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Heroes of the Storm contest” from operion on DeviantArt.

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