PvE for Heroes of the Storm?

Yes sir, it’s in. Blizzard is experimenting with another very exciting game style. On the surface, it’s very straightforward, but underneath lies a lot of nostalgia for many of us. I’m talking about Heroes latest Brawl: “Escape from Braxis.”

First things first, if you’re going to go and read up on this Brawl one of the most prevalent complaints I see is that it’s too easy. I want to address that specific concern right now.

Escape from Braxis checkpoint example

It is fantastic that you’re a gamer who is willing and wanting to play different content from Blizzard. You’re even willing to go above and beyond and provide feedback on that content. But please keep in mind that when you do to give input that is descriptive with critiques and reasons behind your observations. When all I see is “the brawl is just too easy.” it’s just not helpful as you haven’t provided enough information. When modes, encounters, or whatever else you’d like is being first brought out the designers almost always want you to experience as much as possible of what they have to offer. This usually means not gating the content behind difficulty but in fact trying to hit a neutral ground with it leaning towards the easier side. Think about it. Isn’t it better that the Brawl may have been too easy so you got to see the whole thing from start to finish? Didn’t this at least leave you with a taste of what it may be? Better that then to have wiped on the first level and not even getting the chance to complete the entirety of it.

Anyways, before I got Kerrigan-ed away we wanted to talk about the Brawl. It. Is. Amazing. Looking around on both the European and North American forums and other areas of the internet it is quite clear that people are loving this latest foray into the fray. It brings with it an experience that hasn’t quite been felt inside the Nexus yet. For many, it brings about memories of Warcraft 3, StarCraft II campaigns/missions, and even dungeons from the likes of WoW.

The premise is this: You are fighting through Zerg infested terrain on a mostly linear path. You do not have access to a mount and must fight your way through the hordes of Zerg as well as Infested Heroes such as the Queen of Blades, Butcher, Anub’arak and even Abathur. At the end of the path there is sort of a checkpoint, where you must survive more waves of Zerg until the gates of the checkpoint open. Rinse repeat for a few more levels with a couple extra oddities in them and that’s the Brawl.

Fantastic isn’t it? Don’t worry about deaths either. Though I never had my party fully wipe if you die it isn’t the end of the world. Someone just needs to *work* your corpse similar to Auriel, or even Diablo III if you ever played with a friend inside that game.

Escape from Braxis resurrecting cast bar

It just all comes together very cohesively in a way that is both familiar and fresh enough to get us asking for more. I suspect that this Brawl is somewhat of a testbed similar to what the Arcade does within Overwatch. I would bet that with this much positive feedback we may yet see a dedicated PvE mode somewhere down the road for Heroes. And that would be a most welcome way to top off this otherwise fantastic year for Heroes of the Storm.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.


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