Distractions and Why It’s Ok

As Thanksgiving passes us by and the next holiday season starts up in full swing it’s good to remember the important things… like how much less time I’m going to have to play Heroes.

With Christmas or whichever holiday you may choose to celebrate we tend to get pulled away from our normal routines and activities. There may be meetups to organize with family and friends, presents to buy, decorating to do, food to cook or any other family and holiday tradition that infuses your lives. I’ve come to accept that as my own family gears up for the coming season Heroes is going to start to fall off the radar.


But that’s OK! In fact, Blizzard ain’t no dummy son. They know that too. That’s why the releases over the holidays are generally very staggered with long windows of time to try them out.

You must accept that some Dailies will be missed. That you might not be around for day one of a new hero or battleground. I myself will be flying down to California late in the month to stay with the other half of my family for a large chunk of the season. Do you think I’ll get my 3 hours a night of Heroes then? I doubt it, but I’ll survive somehow.

So let’s take a quick respite for ourselves because we may not get such a chance later on. Take this opportunity to breathe… and focus on what little time you have left for Heroes.

Winter Veil 2016

What’s that? You’re about to break through to Platinum in Hero League? You almost have enough gold for Alexstraza? What about when Hanzo come out? Did you do the sexy new PvE Brawl this week? You best get butt in gear if you hope to do all of that before New Years. Oh, and don’t forget there will surely be some appropriately themed skins to come out in the near future just in time for the holidays.

So instead of getting all sad and depressed about the game time you’ll miss out on, let’s focus up! There’s only so much time left in 2017 and the holidays are simply another obstacle that we’re all forced to queue into. Yes, I’ll enjoy the time with my loved ones not so far from now, but until then I NEED to play Escape from Braxis just one more time. Seriously, it’s very addictive please try it. Happy Holidays!




Featured Art ~ “Heroes of the Storm” from romakuz on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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