Why I Hate Dragon Shire

If you didn’t catch the title then let me hammer this home: I dislike playing on Dragon Shire. It’s funny, isn’t it? One of the most popular and beloved maps is one I despise. But I have reasons! Let me attempt to explain it to you.

The main reason I hate Dragon Shire is due to its design. By design, the *objective* of the map is to control both the north and south shrines so that someone on your team can go to the middle and become the Dragon Knight. That sounds awesome! And it is, the catch is I hate doing it.

I hate having my team forcibly break up to do it. I understand that this happens all the time in other maps for laning etc… but in those maps when it comes time for the objective often your whole team will come together to collapse at a point. Now, this can occur in Dragon Shire if your whole team REALLY wants to push for the Dragon Knight. But I just don’t like the steps that lead up to that.


I get that having the team split makes for some interesting confrontations as I’ve witnessed first hand. I do enjoy when teams switch up their comps to better counter the Heroes they know are in particular lanes. This should be a staple of any good Heroes game you have.

What I don’t like is that it’s forced upon you. You must be separate if you hope to grab the Dragon Knight normally. You may favor one lane over another, or you may just have two groups of two while your fifth member sneaks into the middle. I suppose to an extent you could argue that this is done in other maps such as the Garden of Terror, but to me, it just doesn’t feel the same.

I’ve come to deal with it all by overlooking the objectives near-completely. Perhaps that is the most annoying part. The best thing I can do is be ignorant. Instead, I focus on pushing my lane. The only extra part I do is try and keep my shrine (should I be in a lane with one) or at least keep an eye on what shrine my team controls. I’d rather deny the other team the Dragon Knight than to ever hope to try and get one for us.

So what do you think? Does that make sense? What’s your favorite map and why? What about your most hated? I honestly don’t care what anyone else says I still dislike Dragon Shire. I know it’s an unpopular opinion and that’s perfectly fine. At the end of the day, I don’t need to be popular or right. I just hate Dragon Shire.




Featured Art ~ “Heroes of the Storm” from eksrey on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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