Feast of Winter Veil 2017

It is December 1st, so we all know what that means. Winter Veil is on it’s way to Heroes of the Storm. If you’ve been on the PTR these last few days then you may have already caught some of the things they have planned for this year. Otherwise, a wonderful trailer has come out today showing off the rest of the fantastical themed skins, mounts, sprays and portraits that will be available. Let’s take a look.

Watched it? Great! What did you think? My favorite had to be the Malfurion skin. I mean how can you go wrong with Christmas lights on your head? I thought Rehgar was cute the previous years but this one tops it for me.

I simply love Winter Veil. I know that other events and holidays within the Nexus may very well be considered *better* but Winter Veil is still the one I look forward to the most throughout the year. I think it has something to do with the snow-themed items and the general holiday spirit. At least that’s what I tell myself at night.

EscapeFromBraxis Heroic-1440x800ish

However, if you’re not one to be interested in those sorts of things then it’s worth mentioning that Escape from Braxis has made a stellar comeback. If you missed it, I wrote a whole article about how this foray into a PvE scenario really hit home for many of us. It felt like a piece from Heroes we didn’t even know we were missing. I, and many others went on to provide overwhelmingly positive feedback to Blizzard about how much we enjoyed its content and had hope to have more of it’s style in the future.

Well, they heard us loud and clear and now Escape from Braxis: Heroic is available as the weekly Brawl. Be forewarned, it is not like it’s predecessor. I can’t help but mention that I called it from my previous post. At that time everyones largest gripe with the Brawl was that its difficulty was too easy. What did I say about that?

When modes, encounters, or whatever else you’d like is being first brought out the designers almost always want you to experience as much as possible of what they have to offer. This usually means not gating the content behind difficulty but in fact trying to hit a neutral ground with it leaning towards the easier side. Think about it. Isn’t it better that the Brawl may have been too easy so you got to see the whole thing from start to finish? Didn’t this at least leave you with a taste of what it may be? Better that then to have wiped on the first level and not even getting the chance to complete the entirety of it.

Well, how about that? Looks like Blizzard REALLY wanted to show you why the difficulty was so curtailed before. All of you haters out there can’t complain now, right? I find it hilariously ironic that a week ago the HotS forums were full of complaints about the ease of difficulty in Braxis. Now, they are complaining about the greatness of difficulty in Braxis. OMG. I’d say I don’t believe it, but sadly, I do, oh so very much.

But in all seriousness, this Brawl will not be defeated easily, at least not with random groups. I’ve already seen posts about players trying several hours in solo-queue before finally getting a complete run done. And on that note, due to its difficulty, you’ll find you’ll only need to complete the encounter once to get your loot box of the week. However, I’d advise getting a friend, or two, or five to group for it just to make life a bit easier on yourself.

Don’t be scared off though, if you missed it last week even with it’s increased difficulty Escape from Braxis is something I hope all players within the Nexus get a chance to enjoy. I do not recommend missing it.

So what are you most excited about? A Heroic-level PvE encounter finally within Heroes? Or all of those wonderful Winter Veil goodies due out soon? Perhaps you’re that die-hard Hanzo fan who just can’t wait? Guess we’ll find out together come this Tuesday. Happy Feast of Winter Veil!




Featured and Additional Art ~ courteous of Heroes of the Storm PTR.

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