How to Play a Hero Outside of Your Comfort Zone

With the last new Hero for 2017 to come out next week, I think it’s a great time to talk about how to start to play other Heroes you wouldn’t normally select. Hanzo is a great example because ironically I feel like EVERYONE is going to end up experimenting with him. But on the flip side when that occurs this Tuesday why not take the chance to experiment yourself?

Comfort Zone

For starters it’s Hanzo. He is so popular he literally has his own UrbanDictionary definition of the slang “Hanzo-main.” He is going to be played and Hanzo-mained, and disgraced until we all resort to playing Murky because who gives a flying-fish at that point. So capitalize on your opportunity. People just aren’t used to the newest player-select on the roster and so there is an adjustment period to be expected. So let’s use that and try something different because if your games are going to be chaotic at least you’ve got a little less to fear.

So what to try? My first broad-suggestion would be if there was a particular Role you’ve been just straight-up avoiding to finally go ahead and try it. It doesn’t matter, just select and queue. No matter your level, you are always able to play something in each and every Role thanks to the weekly Free-Rotation. You really have no excuses left here so stop thinking and click.

Secondly, I’d suggest any specific hero that you’ve avoided for whatever reason. Whether it’s not knowing them, hating them, or maybe no reason at all give them a spin. It can provide a lot of insight into why they play the way they do. Go figure, healing Supports have cooldowns. Or watching a Zeratul, and playing as one are truly two different things. I’ve mentioned it before but I used to do this a lot in WoW. I was always a huge PvP fan and loved to know the move-sets of each and every class. I used to play and level them to max every expansion just so that I had a more intimate understanding of what I was up against. This same logic can apply to Heroes. Though you don’t have to worry about each player having a huge catalog of abilities at their disposal you should be able to grasp each Heroes base abilities and how they may differ later in the game. Whether it’s through talents, coordination and synergy or simply just level scaling a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in making better calls and decisions.

Comfort Zone

My last bit of advice would be to treat this week as a blameless one. As I mentioned this is Hanzo we’re talking about. You will find the Hanzo on your team solo-ing mercenary camps at the worst times. He will push far too deep with no sight, or just desperately trying to line up his Scatter Arrow for what seems like an hour at-a-time just to ensure maximum hits from the ricochet. It’s going to suck, so accept that fact and do what you want. You tried out Chromie and found your skillshots sucked? Doesn’t matter. Kept screwing up your hooks on Stitches? It’s not like Hanzo was going to capitalize on it anyway. Let your inner fears of failure or peer-pressure go. Even if you played your best Hero on the perfect map those Hanzo’s are still going to find a way to lose it for you. Damn Hanzo-mains.




Featured Art ~ “Heroes of the Storm” from Raapack on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Master Murky” from Zeon-in-a-tree on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Hanzo Shimada – Overwatch” from estivador on DeviantArt.

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