My Inability to Not Save Teammates

I have a problem. I’ve had it since my first days inside the Nexus. Whether I’m a tank or not, whether I’m at full health or none-at-all I have an issue with saving people. Specifically, I have a difficult time in letting my teammates die especially when it’s for no reason. Please, oh please help me.

You’d think it’d be easy. “Just let them die,” you say. Oh, how I wish it were just that simple, but my gut instinct is to save those people. And I struggle with the reasons behind why that might be. Do I seek fame and glory? Is it my inner tank raging that he should be the last one to leave the battlefield? Am I just stupid? Honestly, I don’t know. More than likely it’s a combination of those and then some but I have started to figure one thing out: I don’t entirely dislike it.

I have taken part in so many dumb deaths that I’m sure they outweigh anytime I actually managed to save the Hero in question. I’d wager that at least 50% of the time I either fail to save them or die in the process, rescue or not. But I still try. Every damn game I go for it.

I think it may come from a very odd place where no matter the video game I’m playing I take death very seriously. I’ll often scream in a freakout as my immenent demise starts to loom over my character. I may, or may not die but that doesn’t change my sudden mood swing to survive at any cost. It’s not anger though. It’s adrenaline, hope and a will-to-survie surging through me. I think it’s my state of mind because no matter what person, creature, or Hero I’m inhabiting at that time for a brief moment they are an extension of myself. I relate to them. So if they die, I die, and we can’t have that right?


So an extrapolation of that is I can’t let my teammates die either. That’s their avatars lives out there; WE MUST SAVE THEM! So I make bad calculated risks, fight my hardest and often get left behind. It is 100% my fault on that end.

Now when you have equally if not more idiotic teammates that stay behind… consistently, that where I’ll draw the line. I’ll risk my Hero to save anyone, but if we ping the retreat, if we talk about it in team chat and the Junkrat still insists on going back and forth “poking” with his skillshots (that are nearly all missing the mark) then that’s when I stop. That’s when I play it out like SpiderMan from Family Guy. “Everybody Gets One.” After the first time, you’re on your own.

So what do you think? I know the right answer most of the time is to just stay safe if you’re already safe. To keep behind the protection of your gate as you watch the grizzly murders of your fellow teammates one-by-one. Sometimes you can make a difference, and other times you just need to let it play out. But what do you think is the right choice? What would you do? Because I know no matter how many times I mull it over I’m still going to be the idiot on the wrong side of the fence, and I’m ok with that.




Featured Art ~ “Heroes of the Storm” from UnidColor on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “An Unexpected Encounter” from poibuts on DeviantArt.

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