How to Play Heroes: Get on the Objective

If you hadn’t caught to it by now, Heroes is a bit of a different take on MOBAs. Last time we talked about playing Heroes, we went into why laning was so critical. Building on that idea would be the next most important feature to a Battleground, it’s Objective.

Each Battleground has a distinct flavor that quickly identifies it to the Blizzard world it hails from (here’s to hoping for my Elwynn Forest/Durotan map still). With each map, comes an Objective themed to the Battlefield. These are very important and should not be ignored, however, I still see players that don’t prioritize them. That’s bad because they always reward some sort of power spike whether it be a wave of minions, an unstoppable juggernaut, or even a player controlled plant terror. They are designed to be used to help secure your victory in a very significant way so for the love of Falstad please get on top of them.

Objectives are like mini-games within the Battlefield. They aren’t necessarily always active, but when they are you’ll get a small window of time (usually 15 – 30 seconds) that alerts you to the fact. The Objective might be to control one or more points, to collect a certain unique resource, or even to channel a particular item. Whatever the Objective,  it’s always something that requires nearly all of the Heroes to collapse onto. This makes for some fun forced team fights and strategy. If it’s an Objective with multiple points you’ll need to decide how many Heroes to send to each node. Cleanly split, or heavily favor one node over another? It’s up to you and your teammates to decide by coordinate through chat, pings and whatever else you’d like. Figure out who should go where and hope that it pans out.


Additionally, depending on the Objective it might be reasonable to have one, or in rare cases, even two other Heroes split off to push lanes instead. The added pressure of a Hero in a lane can really help to swing the Objective in your favor. Granted, these are tough choices to make and aren’t always so easily seen. Though generally if the other team has one Hero in a lane you’ll also want to have a Hero in the lane to contest them. But equally, sometimes it’s worth the risk to give up the lane to an opposing Hero so that you’ll have a numbers advantage on the Objective. The extra body can really make the difference you’ll need to secure it for your team which at that point you can opt to deal with the enemy Hero who has been pushing.

The main point is that when the Objective is up, be on it. And not only on it but on time too. I still see players on Cursed Hallow not even bother to leave to the tribute (Objective of the map) until it’s already spawned. Get on it! Be there BEFORE it’s workable. That way you can try and control the area and secure it before the enemy Heroes even show up.

So please pay attention to the map, to pings, and to the chat. Communicate about how you want to do the Objective especially when it’s not even up. That’s the best time to talk strat and coordinate so when it does spawn everyone knows their role and there aren’t any mistakes. Lanes may give you the edge but Objectives can just as easily take that away or worst, give it back to the other team. They are strong for a reason and often can be what ends a game so play smart and be there for your team. It just may be what you needed the whole match.




Additional Art ~ “The Cursed Clash” from ArisT0te on DeviantArt.



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