The Soon to Come 2018 Gameplay Update

There are a lot of quality of life changes coming down the pipe for Heroes of the Storm. Some of them are obvious like the stealth changes, while others were somewhat of a surprise to us. Blizzcon 2017 opened up those doors for us to get a sneak-peek at what we might expect. Now Blizzard has done a full write-up on it so let’s not waste any more time and jump right in.

Holy Muradin there is a lot of content to go through here so bear with me. The changes here are tailored to improve the early game in Heroes to be somewhat longer than it currently is. We’re going to skim over as much as we can to pull out the major points of why you should care.

For starters, ammunition is now infinite in all applicable structures (towers, forts, and keeps) while forts and keeps have been given True Sight. This means as soon as a stealthy enters the attack range of a True Sight structure they’re immediately revealed. Standalone towers are also gone and have had their stats distributed to the surrounding structures. Because of all of this, minions have been adjusted so that they act as slightly more than just cannon-fodder to eat up turret shots.

Regeneration Globes also got a touch-up and it may have become my favorite change in this update. They will now appear for your team for a slightly shorter amount of time (3 seconds) but afterward will become neutral for the same amount of time. This may seem like nothing but it gets me very excited for the potential of finishing globe quests in half the time. Better yet, what about maps like Blackheart’s Bay that have some close-lanes? It’s already common to see skilled players double-dipping there for quicker globe collection. Now instead of stacking twice as fast, you could do it up to four times as fast. That is mind-boggling and I’m excited to see the impact it may have on talent choice.

In another continued effort to stretch out that early game again Heroes has also had the initial Objective timers for nearly all maps standardized. Objectives now either spawn at 1 minute and 30 seconds or 3 minutes. They’re also getting a 30-second Objective spawn warning with some mini-map updates. This makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to predict when you need to start to get ready. Instead of memorizing timers and their maps, just remember 1:30, and 3. With all of these changes, there really shouldn’t be any excuses for not being ready for an Objective. You hear that Johanna? Get your butt to the Tribute we need our tank!


Lastly, all Mercenary Camp archetypes got a once-over and they’ve been adjusted as a result. Knight Camps now grant spell armor via their Knight Wizard to all allied minions and Heroes. Similarly, Hellbat Camps now briefly debuff enemy Heroes with a stackable armor reduction from their basic attacks. These two changes should make pushing with Knights slightly stronger, and pushing against Hellbats slightly riskier. Not to be outdone Siege Giants got tweaked to potentially have their attacks be all avoidable. This means any Hero will theoretically be able to capture them without taking damage. That’s pretty strong. Though we might not be taking the Siege Giants quicker we may try to do it earlier, or with Heroes we’d previously not consider (I can already see the Abathurs… ).

All in all, I am at a Sonya-level of excitement for these changes to go live. They still don’t have a release date but chances are it will be in the next few weeks or early 2018. I think the prolonging of the early game will make for some more interesting Hero interactions with room to really shine as a player. We’ll have to patiently wait until then but I know I’m ready to do Globe Quests in 5 minutes or less. Whose with me?




Featured Art ~ “A glimpse of HOTS Epic Universe” from IosifChezan on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “I’m Just . . .” from Mr–Jack on DeviantArt.

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