Diablo III, Season XII: Year of the Bot

We are fast approaching one month through Season 12 for Diablo and the changes that were made from Patch 2.6.1 are shining. Though not a perfect world, many classes are much higher than they were in the previous season for Greater Rift progression. Alas, that is where the issue grows as this season also seems to be quite bad for botting programs. Let’s discuss below.

Firstly, let us define what we consider botting. I’m going to use another argument to better explain this (stay with me, I’m not going all Deckard Cain on you). Go check out this official definition as to what multi-boxing is. Back? Perfect. So if you read that definition over a few times you’ll see that they don’t consider multi-boxing as a cheat because even if the actions to each character are effectively being forwarded, those actions originated from a person. Meaning it’s a real person that has decided what to do at any point in time.

So conversely, I would take botting to mean:

Any character(s) that react(s) and perform actions automatically, or actions performed by anything other than a 100% real player is considered to be a bot. Characters that aren’t controlled 100% by the player are bots!

You follow? Alright back to the matter at hand. The real reason as to why botting is so frustrating is because Diablo has a leaderboard. Any game that is online, competitive, and tracks those sort of achievements and milestones are going to take issue with bots. It obscures the data.

Take a look at this snapshot from the leaderboards inside of Diablo.

Season12 Leaderboard Botting
Note the blown up playtime for a Barbarian.

Take a look at that total playtime. Now keep in mind that Season 12 went live:

  • North America: Thursday 9th November at 5:00pm PDT
  • Europe: Thursday 9th November at 5:00pm PDT
  • Asia: Thursday 9th November at 5:00pm PDT
Time and dates courtious of www.metabomb.net

That means as of tomorrow it will have been exactly 4 weeks and 7 hours since the start of Season 12. That boils down to 679 hours that have passed. With a Barbarin playtime of 435 hours that means they’ve had about 8.7 hours a day to sleep, eat and anything else they’d like to do.

Not enough? Did I mention that as of this writing they’re the #1 Solo Barbarian & Crusader? Let’s look at their Crusaders playtime.

Season12 Leaderboard Botting2

Another 119 hours. Add that to our previous total of 435 hours and you’ll get 554 hours of playtime between the two classes. This new total leaves us with only 4.4 hours a day since the beginning of the season to sleep, eat or whatever else.

The main point here is that this is only one example. There are many more in the top 100 of each class. It’s just not fair because it makes it that much harder for any of us to legitamtely make our way onto those boards.

So what can you do? I’m going take a page from the Diablo forum poster Exodus. He wrote:

Complaining about it isn’t going to make it go away either…

After thousands of posts begging something be done, Blizztech can only do so much.

Not so much sweeping it under the rug. We know they exist.. We’re well aware. Blizz knows they exist, they’re also well aware and do their ban waves to get who they can.

Making posts clearly stating that people are getting away with it is only advertising to those willing to tempt fate.

…If people are actively bragging in-game. Hit that prntscrn button and paste it into Paint. Upload to imgur and go here:

That’s a great suggestion. We might not be able to ever 100% eradicate cheats and hacks like this from our games, but by working together as a community we can make a huge difference. Do your part to help Blizzard and report ANYONE that has the balls to brag about their botting. We know now that so long as they bot then they are cheaters who deserve to be reported. Do your part and maybe one day our leaderboards will be free of cheap players who get their thrills from taking a dump all over our hard-earned efforts.






Featured Art ~ “Diablo 3: Intimidating Shout” from poojipoo on DeviantArt.

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