Hearthstone the Dungeon Crawler: Kobolds & Catacombs

Well, it was imminent. I’ve been excited about this expansion since I first heard of it at this years Blizzcon. Now that it’s finally here it’s time for us to talk. I’ve barely played anything else, and the same goes for most of my friends. I just can’t seem to stop going back into the newest Solo Adventure: Dungeon Run.

It was the very first thing I did as soon as their expansion was live. I didn’t even stop to open the three free Kobolds & Catacombs card packs and the legendary weapon they give you. “Psh, that’ll come later.” I thought. “It’s time for some spelunking.”

Hearthstone SoloAdventure-DungeonRun

Naturally, my first romp through the Solo Adventure had me killing five of the possible eight bosses before dying. For those not in the know, this time around the Solo Adventure acts as close as we can get to a good old-fashioned Dungeon Crawler. Instead of having fixed bosses where you’d build a specific deck to fight them, this time around its a bit more random. You’ll start off with an automatically assigned deck of 10 cards based on the class you chose. Then you go through encounters 1-by-1 as per usual but after each one, you’ll get some loot (for this run only) in the form of cards. Occasionally there will be *bonus* loot in the form of extremely strong effects such as the ones you’ll see below.


However, the regular loot you’ll get will come in the form of card packs. They’ll slowly increase your deck size as you choose from one of three packs that all fit some sort of theme as you can see.


Many cards and abilities will only be seen in this Solo Adventure as they’d be much too unbalanced for Constructed or even Arena. But that’s great because it makes for a very powerful experience. Things I’d never dream of doing are possible here because of these absurd cards. It is simply fantastic and I cannot recommend it enough.

This repeats until you die even just once, or you kill all eight bosses. if you die you’re done, and you start it all over again from the beginning. They make it even more interesting because although you’ll only fight up to eight bosses at any given time, those bosses are pulled from a total pool of 48. That’s a lot of possible encounters!

So I dive in, again and again, and again. I’ve come up for air long enough to get some dailies done but right after I’m back into the Dungeon Run. But that’s fine for me because I’m fairly casual to Hearthstone except as of late. My library of cards and dust is so low that the Dungeon Run gives me a unique chance to get to play with cards and abilities that I’d never think possible. I know I can get that kind of ride in the Arena too but… I simply don’t have the confidence to try that mode out very often.

So for me fellow adventures, it’s back off to the Kobold mines. It’s the first time in awhile that I’ve been able to get a lot of fun out of Hearthstone without feeling like I’m years behind in everything. And that is a treasure you can’t ever take away.




 Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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