The Neverending Job of a Secondary-Support

With Alexstrasza still fresh into the Nexus, I’ve found myself in and doing a lot of double Support comps. Though I bounce back and forth I’ve earnestly been trying to take up the Role of the Secondary Healer. Now a lot of the time this means you go “damage” which isn’t wrong but… I’ve opted to have some fun, and failure, with it instead. Let me try and explain what I mean.

I am desperately trying to better myself with what I would classify as a Support-Support, Secondary Healer or even as a Second-Class-Healer. These are Heroes who are designed to come at the Role of Support a bit differently. It’s not that they are failing to do their jobs it’s just that their idea of Support isn’t purely through healing-throughput. I’m talking about your Tyrande’s, Tassadar’s, and yes even your Abathur’s. But wait, Abathur isn’t a Support, right? Correct! However, I failed to mention I’ve been in the beloved/hated Quick Match. Muahahaha. Look at this:

Supports are split into Healers and Sustain Heroes. Sustain Heroes are Medivh, Zarya, Tassadar, Tyrande and Abathur as heroes that provide “sustain” to a team, without being a typical solo-support. These roles will be mirrored in games where they are the only “sustain” Heroes, but can also be placed onto teams with healers.

Post is from heroesofthestorm.gamepedia which was originally from Blizzard.

Did you know that? Do those super-odd matches in Quick Match make more sense now? Those changes were actually made a long time ago back in March of this year. It was to address communities complaints that Quick Matches weren’t “quick” enough to start. This was because it was trying to create groups on either side that were more balanced like something you might see in Hero League (ideally). But at the end of the day, it was generally thought not to be worth it so they made some cooky-rules like that one above.

Ok, we all caught up now? Great, time to suffer. So I’ve found that my Tyrande and great Tyrande’s are really, really far apart. That, and I was often getting into matches where we didn’t have healers but Sustains like myself which created its own issues. I digress, I understand that Tyrande’s damage is good for a Support but really it’s the utility she brings that makes a group shine. From her baseline stun and armor-reduction, she has a kit that can really set up a near-guarantee gank or kill. So I get that I’m against the odds here but still… wow. Even when I play with my super awesome (and super uncoordinated) friends I never get even close to what I’ve seen from other streamers and the like. It’s hard man.

abathur_ambush_by_thelastphosphonian-d8yinrf.pngOr better yet my Abathur. If you’re an avid reader of HeroesWord then you’d already know my deep-seeded love for Abathur. He is a majestically beautiful Hero in my eyes, and if I was able to have perfectly evolved super-human-Zerg-babies with him I’d be sorely tempted. But he too seems to fail me in Quick Match as I’ll often get in as the Sustain. This sucks because if the other side has say a Tassadar, and we have my Abathur I feel like I’m at a great disadvantage. Especially if the other side has an actual Specialist like Nazeebo to counter my lane-push. I’ll just feel like we’re behind all game. I’ll switch up my talents often opting for many of the shield-specific ones just so I can act as a pseudo-healer and do my best to keep my teammates topped off. It doesn’t help an exceptional amount once in combat but it can make the difference. It’s a hard expectation to live up to but I do my duty.

So that’s been my life in-between Kobold Dungeon Runs. A little bit of spelunking then it’s back to Heroes to torture myself. So why do I keep at it? Like I said I know Quick Match is a bad place for this but if nothing else I love my Abathur. And I wouldn’t ever put my teammates through that in Hero League, so Quick Match is really the only choice I have left. At least until he ever becomes a choice in Brawl. Oh. My. God. Should that day ever come you best all be ready. I don’t know how it’d work but all I can say is “Slap fights!” Whose in?




Featured Art ~ “Heroes of the Storm” from irish-blackberry on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Abathur Ambush” from Phosphonian on DeviantArt.

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