Blizzard Gift Ideas

Winter Veil is around the corner now as we swiftly strike through December. With that in mind let’s quickly go through some items that you can show off to your friends and family for last minute gift ideas.

Earlier this year Blizzard (finally) added the ability to gift certain digital goods to players. Now unfortunately Heroes of the Storm is basically the odd man out here, but all their other universes are fair game. You can gift cards packs from Hearthstone, the Necromancer for Diablo, commaners and announcers for StarCraft, or even a host of pets and mounts for World of Warcraft. And of course, you can always get the digital versions of their games should you have been holding back on some. My best suggestion for that would be Overwatch if you don’t have it. It is still my go-to shooter that hits all the right buttons.

Perhaps more so than that is the Blizzard and Jinx gear stores. If you think of yourself as a gamer then you’ll want to wear your favorite titles loud and proud. I cannot think of a better source for that then there. Blizzard has some of the most interesting and odd assortment of game-related merch. And if you’re craving clothing, Jinx will hook you up right. They’ve got all of Blizzards universes so choose whichever is closest to your heart.

Lastly, you can’t ever go wrong with getting more funds to your Blizzard Balance like here on Amazon. Whether you get it there, or in your closest store, it doesn’t matter. You can always buy in $20, and $50 increments and those funds can be used for more digital items. The key difference here is for fans of Heroes of the Storm. Though the currencies within game changed a bit this year, long-story-short you can use your Blizzard Balance to buy almost everything: heroes, skins, mounts, stimpacks and much more.

The best part of these digital goods is that they make excellent stocking stuffers. Either print off a picture of what you got them right from the website, or slip that Blizzard Balance card right into their stocking. You really can’t go wrong because there’s something for everyone. And I don’t think Blizzard would have it any other way.




Featured Art ~ “Mechanical Greenech” from Mike-Sass on DeviantArt.

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