How to Play Heroes: Grab a Friend

It’s not a secret that almost any online game you can play with a friend is one you’ll get more enjoyment out of. Heroes is no exception. Whether you’re new or not consider throwing a friend into the Nexus with you. If you’re both new then you can suffer together, and if your friend is more experience than you assumingly get to have a strong teammate on your side. There are benefits either way so let’s not waste any more time.

For starters, Heroes always has some sort of ongoing Recruit-a-Friend promotion. Basically, you’ll get free stuff for playing with each other so it’s in your interest to do so. It doesn’t matter if one or the both of you are new, just have one of you “recruit” the other and you’ll be set. There really aren’t any downsides to this so get on with it as soon as you can.

Next, it’s good to know (and to profess I find) that Heroes is a different style of MOBA. I can tell you right now the #1 reason I was attracted to try Heroes was because of how team-based it was. Specifically above all others, your team leveled up together. As a team. That’s huge. No more griefing fellow teammates with last-hit-kill-stealing. You’re in this together, so fight together. Don’t worry about that nitty-gritty junk, just get in there with your friend and fight to your heart’s content.

UnRankedDraft 1000x400ish

Being with a friend also means you have a wingman-of-sorts at your beck and call. Which while we’re talking about it be sure to find yourselves some sort of way to communicate with voice ASAP. Recently, Heroes upgraded their own voice services so that’s a great start but there are always tons of 3rd party alternatives too. The Twitch App (who bought out Curse and absorbed their app into their own), Discord, Skype, or some other paid-for options like Ventrilo, Teamspeak, and Mumble are just some of the ones you could use. Voice and communication are massive advantages in any game. That higher degree of coordination is irreplaceable. Plus it makes gaming with your friends brought to another level. My own closest friends are the ones who live far, far away. The only way I’m able to keep ties with them is because we use voice so liberally, especially in gaming.

With friends, you can roam around as your group. Depending on how many friends you bring it might not always be beneficial but it is safer if nothing else. Speaking of which though you should train yourself to use the mini-map extensively and often, having another set of eyes on the Battlefield through your friends is another advantage. Once you all start to sync up and get used to how Heroes plays you’ll be able to call things out to one another that even the mini-map can’t.

The bottom line is anything played together is great, but it’s the most fun when you’re among friends. Heroes lends itself to this naturally so there’s no reason why you should leave your fellow-gamers outside the Nexus. Team-up and go into the mines together, push that fort down as one, or coordinate for the Dragon Knight. You may not win every game like that but it doesn’t matter. Win or lose, at least you did it as a team. And that’s all we could ever hope for.




Featured Art ~ “Collecting-for-Golem” from ObsidianAbnormal on DeviantArt.

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