The Next Heroes for Heroes in 2018

Well well, 2018 is nearly upon us and that’s good news for denizens of the Nexus. We just finished receiving the two Heroes who were shown off at Blizzcon, the gameplay updates that were talked about are now live, and Winter Veil has finally arrived. So what’s next? Well if the rumors of a popular list that’s been circulating for at least 6-months are true then we could see some very interesting new Heroes.

There have been some leaks that have appeared in the past on the website 4chan. These often and eventually bleed into other sites such as Reddit. One such leaker goes by the name Axolotl who has continuously and successfully predicted Heroes to come to the Nexus not only before they were ever announced but the finer details as well. Things like abilities, extra skins and even sometimes the actual date. It’s disturbing but amazingly useful.

For now, I’d like you to look at the below post:

I’m back with old news but going to clarify some things
Expect this within the next months



Frost armor
Frost nova
Chains of cold
Death and decay
Raise dead


Cool off
Catching fire
Wings of fire
Napalm spray
Full o fuel


Concussion mine
Steel trap
Total mayhem
Call hog
Scrap missile


Stone curse
Dark possession
Gates of terror


Healing shot
Paralyzing shot
Biotic grenade
Rifle expert
Nano boost
Med delivery


Breath of flame
Sacrifice health
Cleansing fire
Renew life
Dragon form

Blizzard is going to expand the multiclass role with these heroes
Arthas is getting a model update
Tyrael, Morales and Leoric are getting reworks

Original post can be found here.

Now there’s a lot to see there but let’s highlight some key things. Firstly he nailed a lot in that post before it was announced. The new Heroes: Kel’Thuzad, Junkrat, Ana, and Alexstrasza. And even the reworks for Morales and Leoric. It’s also been rumored at both Games Con and Blizzcon that Tyrael’s rework is in production so we should expect to hear about that soon too.

Sufficed to say when it comes to Heroes, Axolotl has many predictions under his belt. You can read more about some of his other previous predictions here. But for now let’s pay attention to this:


Cool off
Catching fire
Wings of fire
Napalm spray
Full o fuel

So who is Tildon? They are referring to the StarCraft character Franko Tildon who was a Terran marine. He is considered to be the first “fighting firebat” in StarCraft lore. And this isn’t the first time his name has surfaced, so chances are from what we can see that he’ll be the next to come out. Look at this that originally surfaced on 4chan.

4chan leak - Heroes

Incredible right? Now, this is all speculation but I’d pay attention just look at that post above. Remember that unless you’re in the United States the rest of the world writes their dates as Day/Month/Year. That means we should look to see Tildon on January 1st, 2018 which is a Monday. I’m not sure if that’s a PTR date or not and I do find it odd that it’s not a Tuesday but that is what’s posted.

And let’s not leave behind Mal’ganis who would be the first Nathrazim to enter the Nexus. Or Belial?! It’s hard to say “No” to another Lesser Evil from Diablo, especially if the above predicted mechanic is true for him. “Can “become” allied or even enemy minions… and later reveal himself from them, destroying it in [the] process and appearing there himself.” Are you kidding? Truly that would showcase his title of “Lord of Lies” as someone who is masterful at deceit and deception.

What do you think of these predictions? Have you heard of them before or do you think it’s all just hot air? Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, we all need to start watching for those dates above. It will only take one right answer to make everyone start to pay closer attention. I can’t wait.




Featured Art ~ “Firebat” from Aegus on DeviantArt.

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