How to Play Heroes: Be In a Group

I’m not talking about group dynamics, I mean the OG grouping. You know you take a teammate and stay with the teammate; grouping. The good ol’ fashioned buddy system is tried and true so there’s no reason to ignore it. I’m talking to all of you solo-gunslingers who think you’re unstoppable and roam the map just by yourself. There’s no shame in being in a group and in fact it’s quite advantageous. Let’s go over some of the benefits together.

Even when you’re alone and booping-around on the map it is still within your interest to group whenever possible. Being together is just stronger, it’s a fact. Though there are some Heroes who I’d dare say walk the line such as a Nova or a Genji. But even they benefit from grouping, they just tend to have more ideal setups such as an additional stealth hero to follow alongside Nova or someone else who has as much movement as Genji. Just take a look at the mini-map sometime (or ideally, all the time…) and see who on your team is hanging out. You have a 5-man team and are on a map with 2 – 3 lanes. Chances are, someone is grouped up with someone else. Why not make that someone you?


The Lost Vikings know when to group.


When you’re first starting to play Heroes just pick a teammate to hang out with and watch what they do. Don’t like what’s going on? Then pick someone else to be buddy-buddy with. Better yet, bring your friend! You don’t have to be in a full 5-man all the time but even just having one or two extra people with you is great. The easiest place you can find this is to find the lane that your team is pushing the hardest. It will tend to have Heroes clustered in it especially in the early game. Use it to stay safer and stronger. That’s the point of a team.

Learning the ups and downs of Heroes can take awhile but soon enough you’ll have a much better idea of when you should, and shouldn’t be grouping (like during the objective). It’s a tool at your disposal so start thinking of it that way. Don’t be afraid to ping or call out for help from others. Whether it’s a mercenary camp or a potential gank if you think you’ll need the support of another teammate call it out. It’s little advantages like that that will help your team solidify the win. And if learning, friendship and victory arn’t enough to persuade you then I give up. Go back to your solo-roaming Nova, just please don’t die in the process.




Featured Art ~ Epic Battle” from rafater on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Heroes of the storm contest” from dnavenom on DeviantArt.

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