Heroes New Matchmaking & Please Cool Your Jets

The new Matchmaking system that Blizzard had been hyping for the past little while finally rolled out this past Tuesday. Unfortunately, it’s been shadowed by an annoying glitch that was though thought to be fixed earlier in the week, but later grew additional complications by Friday night (Nov. 15th). Let’s have a talk.

Firstly, I think this problem got blown way out of proportion by angrier members of the community. And yet, I want to commend the excellent communication that went on between Blizzard and it’s community over this issue. They knew it was causing problems and were vocal about it here, here and finally here on their forums as well as on their social media. But before we go any further I feel it’s important to reiterate what Blizzard repeated several times about the issue from Friday:

This issue is unrelated to our Performance-Based Matchmaking implementation, and is instead a result of an issue with Matchmaking Rating seeding from the previous season.

The problem was that many players were being placed at ranks that were significantly different from where they had ended during the previous season. Naturally, this sort of error received a lot of outcry from upset gamers even as Blizzard went to work on a solution. Unfortunately for those irritate gamers, this is the real world where quick fixes don’t necessarily happen. Eventually, a solution was found but the servers had to be taken down for a few hours on Friday to implement it. This only served to continue the enragement of some of the populous but fortunately for Blizzard, there were sympathizers to their cause too such as this one from Twitter.

It’s good to see that even with all the people online who are so quick to voice their thoughts and opinions that there still exists some reasonable people. Gives me hope.

At this point, all of those glitches have been fixed and both Heroes and the queue for Hero League are back up. Unfortunately, Blizzard being Blizzard took this incident into consideration and have decided to:

…[reinstate] Ranked mode with the Performance Based Matchmaking updates turned off. We want to make sure we’ve resolved all of the issues and that the ranked season placements are in a good place before we reinstate any new features.

So that sucks. I get that it’s in response to an annoyed community and to doubly ensure that their new system will be instated with far fewer problems next time. But I can’t help be sad. Many of us were very excited for the new system so, for now, we’ll have to wait. For now, you can take another glimpse into what may be come 2018.




Featured Art ~ “.: Heroes Of The Storm :.” from JuliaTheDragonCat on DeviantArt.



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