Holidays & One Week-ish Later

Holy Stitches it’s been awhile huh gang? I’m sorry for my brief absence but such is the situation of the holidays. There has been a fair amount of things that have cropped up in the last week and a bit so let’s jump right in.

As of right now, I am still away from home but I hope to get a few posts up before resuming the regular schedule once I (finally) get home. That said, here are some of the highlight’s I’ve noticed on my travels:

  • Hanzo dropped from 15k gold in-game to 10k. Hanzo-Mains around the globe rejoiced in unison fulfilling one more prophecy for Ragnarok.
  • An adorable Snow Brawl came out to the Nexus just in time for Winter Veil.
  • A new addition to the store came in the form of the Foundation Bundle. Perfect for those new to the Nexus or looking to give friends and family a boost. (I’d suggest if this applies to you to check out my first, and second posts for playing with friends.)
  • New Winter Veil Skins arrived for Malfurion, Valla, Kharazim, and Malthael. And I must say, Malthael is adorable.

  • And lastly, to celebrate the *new* addition of finally being able to gift loot boxes Blizzard decided to gift us all one. Um… yes, please!

And that’s all! Can you believe that all of that came in just over a week? Shows you just how much our beloved game can change and grow at times.

I hope everyone’s holidays are being enjoyed and I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things soon. Until then, have a Happy New Years and I’ll see you in early 2018.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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