What a Long Strange Trip… to 2018

Alright, everyone, I am back! It’s official, I have landed back on my great homeland and am recovering from the past three weeks of holidays travel. Soo… did I miss anything? Apparently so! Let’s do a quick refresher of what’s happened over the holiday season and take a look at what the populous of the Nexus are gabbin’ about.

If you missed it, I touched on just some of the changes that have occurred since just before December 25th, 2017. But looking back now, what most people seem to be talking about are:

  • Troubles to the start of 2018 Ranked Season 1
  • Garrosh’s Groundbreaker being nerfed
  • Blaze from StarCraft has finally entered the Nexus

I’ve already gone over an in-depth analysis of what happened initially with this latest Season. Sufficed to say, the newest changes to MMR couldn’t be applied because of complications from the previous season. After a few fixes were applied things have more-or-less settled down which means I can finally let myself do some placement matches! Bring on the pain.

The change to Garrosh’s Groundbreaker I didn’t believe was going to be received well. I understood the reasons behind the nerf but personally felt that his Groundbreaker + Wrecking Ball combo was the sole reason to even bother playing him. However, apparently I’m a minority as the community seems to have accepted the change and his numbers are reflecting that. I still feel like he’s not enough, but that mostly stems from the frustration of not really having a damage spec on Garrosh. I like my Warriors to have some pressure when they start swinging. Garrosh’s hits just felt like wet noodles to me as some sort of tax to pay for his insane lockdown and control.


Lastly, Cpl. Miles “Blaze” Lewis has joined our fellow Heroes (I knew it!). I’m still a bit out on this, so I’m going to give at least a week before I weigh in on what I think. For now, I’m still trying to figure out if they’re a Warrior Tank or a Warrior Bruiser. Honestly, it seems like both??? If so I hope I’m wrong as I enjoy having my Warriors have viable specs in either direction but tend to prefer a Warrior who specializes in one role over another. If they can do both well then… I just don’t know what to do anymore.

So how were your holidays? Did you go on a trip too, or just enjoy some leisure time around the home? I know I’m super-jacked to be back where I belong and can’t wait to log back into Heroes with all of my friends.


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