WTF Is This Heroes Teaser?

If you’ve been looking at any of Blizzard’s social accounts recently you would have caught three odd images that seem very out of place. Commentors initially remarked on what new Hero or Battlefield this could be, while others simply thought it was an ornate way to showcase some new skin themes to be coming out. Let’s dive into all of these rumors and questions to try and make sense of it all.

First and foremost here are the three images to which I am referring. A helpful Twitter user @Dandy_Corn has commented on each of them and has had them roughly translated (via Google) from the writing at the bottom.

“Neo Stormwind News: Neo Stormwind, suddenly attacked by aliens!”
“Neo Stormwind News: Mecha Storm production to record not in the past!”
“Neo Stormwind News Breaking News: Unconfirmed new Mecha enters the battle!”

All caught up now? So what are your thoughts? Initially, when I was looking at these pictures on Twitter everyone thought it was a Hero for sure or a series of Heroes. Personally, with all of these translations of Neo Stormwind or even New Stormwind I think it’s another Battlefield. It seems to make the most sense considering that all these teasers are strictly of the environment. Instead of looking for what people think they see or don’t see in the pictures focus on what’s there in plain sight. I think we may just have an alternate-universe where Stormwind is in the very distant future. If that’s the map that’s coming then I am Cho-Gall excited. I love it whenever Blizzard decides to toy around with these alternate universe ideas, it makes it thrilling to think of all of the possibilities. Even straightforward ones such as the Shando Illidian skins that came out some time ago give breath to inticing “What if” scenarios. In that example, it would be in the timeline of Illidan as the “good” brother and Malfurian as the “evil” reclusive one where even their physical characteristics swap models.

Or perhaps, this is all just an elaborate way of teasing some skins to come out such as the ones that were shown in their latest In Development teaser (seen below).

To me, this seems more akin to way back in the summer of 2015 where they had the Diablo-themed Eternal Conflict event. For those who have forgotten that was when they released their first Diablo map after having delivered a series of Diablo Heroes (Johanna, The Butcher) with more Heroes to come that summer (Leoric, Kharazim). Whatever it is, I’m sure Blizz will deliver. Who doesn’t love a good surprise?




Featured & Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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