Heroes Mecha Storm is LIVE!

Well, I’ll be. After 3 consecutive days of teasers, Blizzard decided to fully reveal their latest creation: Mecha Storm. If you haven’t yet I’ll let you bask in the deliciously fantastic animation they made to deliver this event after the jump.

I absolutely love this. This is extremely reminiscent of their amazing video they made for the release of Kel’Thuzad and I hope they don’t stop here. Though my opinion is biased due to my own personal interest in anime, it is exceptionally welcomed to see Heroes represented in different forms and styles of media. Who hasn’t used Tyrael’s Judgment and fantasized themselves as the stoic Hero charging out alone on the Battlefield to stem the coming tide. Whether you see yourself as Goku, a Gundam, or something else entirely seeing Tyrael playing out our fantasy on screen made me feel like my dreams had come to life.

So what is Mecha Storm? Well, I hope it’s more than what I see so far, but if this is all we get then that’s fine by me too. Currently, I’d include Blaze, three new mech-styled skins with color variants for three different Heroes (Abathur, Rehgar, Tyrael) plus this amazing video (see above). Though Blaze isn’t exclusively tied to the Mecha Storm I feel like spiritually he was as he acted as the appetizer that got us all wanting to play mech.

Thanks to YouTube user Jowehots for this game footage.

Not to be overlooked but Blizzard decided to sneak in these skins with a super small patch that really has nothing else but a sizable re-work of Tyrael and most of his talents. My god have I been waiting for this. I have always loved the Archangel of Justice but felt like his talents were really showing their age. He just felt like he hailed from a different era of Heroes, which to be honest, he did. He had been largely untouched with the exception of the odd bug fix or stat adjustment since July of 2016. That’s crazy!

But is this it? Will there be more to come? I hope so! But not because I’m greedy, but because the team for Heroes did such a great job stoking my imagination to life for these mech brawls that I can only imagine what could come next. Is Neo Stormwind still on the horizon? Will there be a similarly styled PvE Brawl? I can only hope, but something tells me I’m not far off.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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