Abathur Is Red, His Locusts Are Blue?

I love Abathur. I really do. I’ve loved him since the very first I saw him as a playable Hero back in Blizzcon 2013. To this day he is still my most played Hero. I’m not sure what has wrapped me up so much in infatuation with him but somewhere between his commander-type playstyle and his lovable Symbiotes I’ve grown viciously attached to him. So much so that when it comes to his skins and their effects, I’ve got a few issues.

The Mecha Storm has just hit Heroes on LIVE and I couldn’t be more happy for my littl’-bugga from anuda motha. His robotic skins are gorgeous with beautiful animations and that familiar Blizzard magic touch. It just feels good to see Abathur sporting another skin so darn well.

However it also serves as a reminder, that not only does he not have many skins (just a lot of color variants), but most of them use the default/confusing Locust, Symbiote and Monstrosity skins. Why is that an issue? Because he’s Abathur! You rarely see that gorgeous membrane of his anywhere because he’s stuck in a cocoon. What you do see as his “presence” throughout the map are his abilities.

Abathur-Monstrosity Exo skin side-by-side
Xenotech Abathur & his Monstrosity

My question is this: Why doesn’t the Locust get special skins/colors? Let me remind you, the Locusts, Symbiote, and Monstrosity DO look different on Abathur’s Legendary skins (Pajamathur, Xenotech) but that doesn’t seem like much of a choice. The only exception to this rule would be the Skelethur skin but that has a different style of gated entry as it’s only available once a year.

Let me try and rephrase this: As an Abathur player, I am upset that in order to reap the same cosmetic customization that I see (and experience) on other Heroes that I am basically forced to acquire either Legendary skins or a semi-rare-once-a-year skin. I see this as being true because when you’re Abathur you’re not looking at your Hero, you’re looking at anything but. When other Heroes can easily do this without such a requirement it makes me sad. Even something as simple as making my Locust, Symbiote, and Monstrosity have the same color palette as the Abathur skin I just put on would be enough for me. If I am white and pink, why aren’t my Locusts?  What about burgundy and yellow? What exactly is going on with Abathur’s colors???


Abathur Pink-Blue
Abathur is a white/pink variant but his Locusts are blue?


Here’s a better question: Why is it that on most of Abathur’s skins that the Locust is almost always blue, the Monstrosity is blue-green, and the Symbiote is the default? What the Hellscream? That just seems like lazy game production to me which isn’t ever something I’d expect to see from Blizzard.

Abathur-Locust-Monstrosity different colors
Char Abathur, blue Locust, and a green Monstrosity?

So I digress, I know it’s minor and all I’ve done is whine but it’s annoying. Yes I can get around all of this by being forced into particular expensive skins but that doesn’t seem right. If you play Abathur it’s not Abathur you get to look at it’s all of his extensions of himself. And though these may be considered “spell effects” on most other characters, for Abathur it’s him. That’s what he does. Can’t you help a buggle out?




Featured Art ~ “Abathur” from atryl on DeviantArt.

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