New Challenger Approaches: Maiev Shadowsong

The title says it all hmm? If you’ve been under a rock these last 3 days then you missed more of Blizzard shenanigans. Once a day since Tuesday Blizzards Twitter account (@BlizzHeroes) teased us with a GIF. This same method was used for the Mecha Storm that hit us last week and this time it’s Maiev Shadowsong’s turn.

In case you wanted to check them out, below are the three teasers that we saw for Maiev (pronounced: My-ev).

^^^First Tweet^^^

^^^Second Tweet^^^

^^^Third Tweet^^^


Subtle huh? What most assumed was going to be Mal’ganis was someone else entirely. I for one am fondly surprised and I think that’s what Blizzard was going for.

It seemed to be common knowledge around the forums that Mal’ganis would be entering the Nexus sooner rather than later. However, it needs to be remembered how long Blizzard actually has to work on these Heroes before they’re ready to go LIVE. A great example of this is Kel’Thuzad who greeted us in Heroes just this past September. Because he was such a memorable and beloved character from Warcraft, Blizzard decided to put out a 5-part series telling the tale of his conception as well as his timeline from start to finish for the Nexus. You can check out the first part of this series below.


Maiev Hero SpotlightSo as you may of seen above Kel’Thuzad alone took 9 months to develop. And from what I can recall from a past Blizzcon most Heroes take somewhere in the realm of 7 to 9 months to develop for LIVE. So when a character like Maiev comes out you know it wasn’t just so that Blizz could throw us a curveball, that just may have happened in the process. Who knows if this was planned, or if Maiev was further along then Mal’ganis; we’ll never know. But they are Deep Tunneling ahead with Maiev as they’ve just announced her Hero Spotlight on the launcher as well.

I’ll reserve my judgement for now until I know more about her but I’m guessing she’s going to land somewhere between Valeera and Illidian for abilities. With either of those Heroes being among my favorites I cannot wait until tomorrow when they’ll show us more. You all best tune in!




Featured Art ~ “Maiev Shadowsong” from Koni-art on DeviantArt.

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