Ten Ton Hammer Needs the Help of Us Heroes

Whether or not you’ve read my articles in the past I’ve often used the website Ten Ton Hammer both for playing Heroes and to help create articles. The other day I hopped over to their site and realized that they’ve asked the community for a hand of support. Let me give you the quick breakdown after the jump.

As can be expected for any of Blizzards games, Heroes has created a community of equally passionate and energetic people. They are constantly ready for what’s to come, what to theorycraft, and what should be created or shared next. Reasons like this are why sites like Ten Ton Hammer exist. They create, support and inspire resources that help us all as a community. Whether it’s the latest balancing, a Hero breakdown or tier list guide they have it there for us. It’s there because we want it, we use it, and we need it.

cropped-icon-featherbg.pngSites like Ten Ton Hammer are part of the reason why I even bothered to make HeroesWord in the first place. They’re the big brother I look up to so we can’t just let them slip away.

All you need to do to help is show your support however that may be. Do whatever you can do that will help bring attention to Ten Ton Hammers request. Obviously, the best thing you can do is to directly subscribe to them (like I have) but even just posting to your social media, plugging a link to their cause, or blogging (like I am!) to attract attention are all great things. Don’t become passive if you feel passionate about this game. Support those who support you. I’d be terrible in Hero League without them.

1 thought on “Ten Ton Hammer Needs the Help of Us Heroes

  1. Thanks so much for your support šŸ™‚


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