Hanzo’s Right-Click Glitch

It’s been just over 6 weeks since Hanzo launched into the Nexus. He has transitioned very well alongside our fellow Heroes as currently he is ranked by most websites as an S Tier. Meaning, he is considered a top pick and/or ban. So why do I hate to play him so much? That freaking Right-Click glitch drives me crazy!!!

Let me clarify that with Hanzo it’s a love-hate relationship with only the best intentions. My problem with him is the keybinding of Right-Click-Follow.. It glitches on me every time I use Hanzo as I Right-Click-Follow extensively while playing Heroes I discovered. Without that, you’ll need to Right-Click to direct your Heroes movement all the time. That doesn’t sound so bad but it completely clashes with my playstyle and I’d wager yours as well.

overwatch___hanzo_by_aim_art-500x700ishWhen you’re on a Hero like Hanzo the last thing you want to do while lining up a skillshot is to take your mind off of where you’re shooting onto where you need to move to.  Consider getting into position and trying to find the best ricochet angle for Scatter Arrow when suddenly your character has stopped moving. He’s no longer following your mouse. FRUSTERATING!

If you’d not aware of the problem then let me shed some light on it. I was only able to find two sources that talked about the issue. The initial forum post (as far as I can tell) where even a Blue eventually chimed, and this second one, which is how I found those original posts. Essentially once you queue up Hanzo’s Q-attack (Storm Bow) the Right-Click-Follow would continue to work until the Q-attack was used. After that point, Right-Click-Follow would fail if Q-attack wasn’t on cooldown or being actively cast.

Thankfully through all of this, a temporary workaround has been found.

…A current workaround is to change your quick cast setting to “On” or “On Release” for Hanzo…

As posted by Fizivixm, a Blue in the above Battle.net forums

Oh. My. God. What a game changer. Honestly, I’ve been very eager to play more of Hanzo since his initial announcement. He seemed like a cross between Nova and Genji which gave me lots to look forward to. But that damned Right-Click glitch kept driving me away from him. Well no more! I have finally joined the ranks of other Hanzo players (still not a Hanzo-main though, no worries) and am loving him. There’s nothing like shooting a Dragon’s Arrow across the battlefield to finish someone off, or better yet, appear out of nowhere come level 20. He is really suiting my style and I can’t wait to play him some more.

What about you? Were you affected by the Right-Click glitch? Had you even heard of it? Or perhaps the Shimada brother’s aren’t for you. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you in the Nexus.




Featured Art ~ “Hanzo” from snatti89 on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Overwatch – Hanzo” from AIM-art on DeviantArt.

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