My Top 5 Favorite Heroic Abilities

Well, I avoided it long enough right? I’m not huge into making lists, but the more I thought about it the more it challenged me. As of now, we are at 78 Heroes within the Nexus. Come Maiev, we’ll ring into 79. With each Hero having 2 Heroic Abilities to choose from that’s 156 different Heroic Abilities to choose from. So without further adieu, here are my Top 5 Favorite Heroic Abilities.

Keep in mind that these are what I consider to be some of the most fun Heroic Abilities in the game and may not be the most popular choices.


#5 ~ Leoric: March of the Black King

March of the Black KingThere is something crazy fun with the idea of being an Undead King while swinging around a two-handed spiked mace. Heroes bold enough to oppose you take a good chunk of damage while healing you at the same time, whats not to love? That fantasy alone is enough to tempt me to take March of the Black King on Leoric all the time. It may not, in reality, do THAT much for team fights but it sure makes me feel like a king.


#4 ~ Sgt Hammer: Blunt Force Gun

BFGI’d argue that Hammer’s Heroic Ability is truly at it’s best once you’ve gotten his last talent tier. When you hit level 20 and pick Orbital BFG all of at once you can do so much more. Suddenly enemy Heroes have to be on the lookout for you, or they might find themselves on the wrong side of a Big F***ing Gun. A Heroic Ability that circles the map and keeps coming back? Awesome! It can slowly widdle down buildings while it’s at it? Great! And as a sub-note, the homage to a “BFG” from Doom or other series has always brought a smile to my face. Memories of another time I suppose, but that’s the beauty of nostalgia.


#3 ~ Kael’thas: Pyroblast

PyroblastPyroblast is a spell that nightmares are made of. When it first came out there weren’t nearly as many Invulnerabilities available in the game as there are now. This meant that the idea of a slowing accelerating firey ball of death that seeks you out through buildings, obstacles, and other Heroes was a terrible, terrifying idea. Unless you become Invulnerable you are dead. Assuming… you use it properly as a finisher and not as an opener. Ugh, those other Kaels that start with it… let’s not talk about it, OK?


#2 ~ Auriel: Resurrect

ResurrectI know Auriel is a very popular Support when it comes to the HGC. Furthermore, if you want to see some scary figures look at HOTSLOGs listing of how often people select her Heroic Ability Resurrect. For me right now it says 8.9%. That’s crazy! And yet… I love it. It’s SOO good. Crystal Aegis may be the “right” choice nearly all of the time but the power of bringing back a Hero that’s only just died is just so RRRAAAWWWRRR! There’s a good reason that way over in another universe Mercy is included in every single competitive match of Overwatch. She has one thing that no one else has: Resurrect. Auriel’s situations may differ from Mercy but I’d argue the same thing for her. Bringing something to the game that no one else has is really, really powerful.


#1 ~ Abathur: Ultimate Evolution (pre-patch Jan 13-2015)

Ultimate EvolutionWay back in the Beta of Heroes, Abathur was one of the strongest Heroes to play as. No, really! One of the biggest momentum swings he had was to clone one of your allies AND be granted their Heroic Ability. My god, it was glorious. That may not sound like much but think of it. Two Diablo Apocolypse’s, two Kerrigan Maelstroms, two ETC Most Pits… it was just ridiculously glorious. So they removed it (for good reason), and we all felt just a little sadder inside.


What did you think of it all? Do you disagree? Remember, I thought these Heroic Abilities were the most fun. I don’t care that Abathur’s Heroic I chose isn’t technically in the game anymore it’s the memories it created that I count. Heck, I didn’t even get to mention Falstad’s superiorly named Heroics: Aerial Blitzkrieg, and Shock & Awe. Man those sounded so much better… oh well, I’m sure at least one will be recycled into another Hero down the road. I simply cannot wait.




Featured Art ~ “Heros of the Storm – Battle in the Storm” from AivaBlue on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.


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