Watch a Replay & Up Your Game

The last few weeks I’ve played a surprising amount of Heroes where one person on our team had blamed the losing match on everyone but themselves. Obviously, they hadn’t done a single thing incorrect so it must be our fault right? It baffles me how anyone can have this kind of mindset. Fault, is something that should always be shared by the team as the opposite remains true for victory. More importantly, when we do get defeated it’s incredibly important that you know the reason why. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about watching your replays.

When StarCraft II came out I was quick to adopt it into my Blizzard line up (For the Swarm!) which meant that I was constantly trying to improve my game. One of the most quintessential things you should do to improve in StarCraft is to watch your replays. It holds so much more information then you’d know during the course of the actual match.

Naturally, come Heroes, I also quickly adopted this methodology. In fact, before Heroes I had never really done any much in any MOBA. They just didn’t interest me. The closest thing I got to previous experience would have been some mod play in Warcraft III and the aforementioned StarCraft II.

Watch a replay screen
The possibly unfamiliar “Watch” screen where you can view your replays.

So why is it that I feel like so much of the Heroes community doesn’t watch their replays? I know that our replay setup doesn’t feel nearly as nice as it does in StarCraft. (Why does it HAVE to buffer the parts I’m skipping? Whose idea in hardware was that?) I also can appreciate that StarCraft has much more going on. (Build times, building priority, unit creation, research development, scouting, expanding, etc…) But key information can still be gleaned from re-watching your play experience. You need to know why you lost so you can correct it in the future.

I know it’s not realistic to watch every replay of every game you do as that would be excessive. And I know, that sometimes the reason for defeat can be because of the team comps. (Ever been out drafted in Hero League? I’m sure 5 assassins sounded like a great plan in someone’s head.) But watching replays can still help. How did we get so much siege damage on us early on? Oh, Nazeebo captured a Merc camp each time before a Tribute. How did Illidan die 10x in the match? Oh, he kept engaging on his own well before we were there.

Just consider doing it at least once in the future. Maybe not now, but down the road when you have that really bad game and you have no idea why. Just watch your reply. Maybe you got outplayed or maybe you missed a key development. And if you’re the one who types “GG” at 7 minutes into a match then proceeds to blame the whole team for this “apparent” loss, you should watch your replay too. If not to become a better player then to become a better person. Understand that you can make mistakes too or you’re going to live in a world of toxicity. We’re all in this together.




Featured Art ~ “Red vs Blue” from DigiFlohw on DeviantArt.

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