I’m Better Than Bronze, Right?

Hero League got you down? Or maybe it’s Team League for you? Oh yes, I have been there. In fact, I’m there right now. With my pit of friends I feel like we’re all around the same skill level or so but due to my placement, rash decisions or just generic terribleness I’m actually the lowest ranked person in our group. Let’s weep together in a corner after the jump.

Now I won’t lead you on, I’m not Bronze… yet. I’m currently Silver Rank 4 and seem to only have the capability to move down. I play a few games a night with my group, quietly rage inside by nights end, then go to bed.

HL Terrible Hallway of HellBut we shouldn’t give up! No, no my friend there is always hope! In fact, if anything we only have good things to look forward to. Having the classification of Bronze or Silver may not feel very good but at least we have almost nothing to risk. Unlike those other folks at Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Master so what if we go down a few ranks? It’s hard to get much lower when you’re already down here.

Now I know that ranking poorly in Hero League can feel like you’re in a deep, terrible, endless hallway of hell. And there’s a good reason for that! There is a HUGE <see below> player base at this level so the diversity of its rank is enormous. The below numbers are design goals and speculation from Blizzard and not hard numbers but considering it’s coming from the horse’s mouth it’s an excellent place to start.

  • Silver is the most populated league
  • Gold + Silver > 50% of the players
  • Masters = 1%
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There is a light, my friends, we can rank up… it just takes time. Which, I know from personal experience, is the last thing I want to hear at the end of the night after 5 straight losses but… it doesn’t make it any less true.

Team League

If you take a closer look at my Team League you’ll see I’m only at 57 games for the season. That’s nothing! Now, I did start late (By choice. Thanks for the 2018 MMR teaser Blizzard) and I only have 1 – 3 hours to play a night for gaming so I’m pretty proud of my number of games but that still not quite enough. If you didn’t know, you should aim for a bare minimum of 100 + games before you start taking your rank a bit more seriously. And by serious, I mean as an actual assessment of your performance. But you can’t expect a system that has almost no data on you as a player to rank you efficiently. Remember, Hero League and Team League use completely separate MMR systems than the rest of Heroes does such as Quick Match. Though it might not be fair, the gurus and goblins behind the scenes have to throw you into the Nexus somewhere so you’re bound to be designated a number.

Just remember that all said and done if you need a break, then take a break. I know I have in the past. Quite literally last night after that 5th loss I outright forced our group to swap over to Quick Match because I wanted to feel better about myself. And you know what? We lost again. But at least I didn’t have the stress of Hero League on my shoulders that time and I got to enjoy our match that much more. You know yourself better than anyone, don’t some dumb system tell you how good you are. Play the game, get better, put the time in and your rank will rise.

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