Lunar Festival 2018 & Maiev

Did this sneak up on you? It felt that way for me! I knew Maiev was due to come out soon and with her would come the Lunar Festival 2018 additions. So much, so fast, so much to talk about… Ahh!!! Let’s make an attempt at it after the jump.

If we’re going to tackle this patch without your eyeballs being rendered inoperable from boredom we’re going to need to divide this into two main areas. Maiev, and the Lunar Festival.

Let’s start with Maiev as that’s what I believe most people are going to want first. Maiev, the Eternal Warden is LIVE. With her introduction comes a shakeup of some of the Meta as we know it. Currently, we see a ton of play from Hanzo, and Genji’s making dive comps that much easier to facilitate. But with Maiev, we have a new counter to that. Nearly all of her abilities revolve around controlling the movement and space of a Hero or Heroes. That kind of lockdown can not only be used to counter these highly mobile players but also to ensure that they’re killed without having the chance to escape. I will reserve my full review of her until she’s been out longer but I am very excited so far. Perhaps I can finally be less stressed whenever I face Tracers on my mages. Having Maiev on my side doesn’t look so bad right now.

Next up comes the Lunar Festival. Wow. There’s so much that I didn’t expect this year that it’s nice to know the Heroes team isn’t trying to shy away from this. Firstly, let’s look at the Heroes below who received at least one or more new skins.

Lunar Festival 2018 Skins
New skins for: Genji, Sylvanas, Cassia, Kael’thas, Zul’jin, & Azmodan.

Admit it, at least one of those above was 100% unexpected. (I’m looking at YOU, Azmodan) But that’s just the start. With any good holiday into the Nexus comes a free extra quest! And yes, a mount will be rewarded in its final tier. (yay mounts!)


LunarFestival2018 MarioKartOf course, the rest of the usual fanfare is present in the form of sprays and portraits. But I think my MOST anticipated feature is yet to come for this Lunar Festival. The Brawl. The current Brawl as of Tuesday has only 2 days left on it after which one of the most unique brawls to date will go live. Heroes of the Storm: Mario Kart. I exaggerate not! Take a look at Blizzard’s own write-up for this year’s Lunar Festival. 7 laps of intense fun complete with different pick-up abilities (aka. powerups) whenever you run over a Lunar Envelope. It’s just too much, I can’t, can’t, can’t wait. Oh no, I’ve broken.

So what about you? Have you dived in yet? Tried Maiev out? Played Illidan just to antagonize her? Whatever you do you can’t ignore that the Nexus has gone into all-out party mode. So give in, throw on some bright colors and crazy hats, it’s Lunar Festival time baby.




Featured & Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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