Manners for the Nexus

With in-game voice coming soon to a Nexus near you, I thought this was as good a time as ever to talk about manners. You may know what I’m about to say if you’ve read my articles lately, but I think establishing some ground rules for behavior is going to be a good idea. I’m really not sure why I’ve been getting such toxic, salty, ignorantly rude players grouped with me lately but enough is enough. The internet may be a haven for the anonymous, but on the other side of those usernames, we’re all people. So in that vein of thinking let’s go over some (apparently) not-so-obvious etiquette that you should expect from any other human within Heroes and beyond. <WARNING: Some inappropriate language to follow>


Be kind

  • It is both the easiest and hardest thing I’ve seen for people to do. Not a lot of thought is needed here just treat others how you would like to be treated. That’s it. There’s no special magic here just be good to each other, OK?


Please do not GG, until it is GG

  • I’ve ranted about this before (my apologies) but no one wants to hear you GG at 7 minutes. It’s not funny, it’s not wanted, and nobody cares to hear it. If you’re actually a person who gives up that quickly on ANYTHING then perhaps you should seriously reconsider some more important things in life than how your Heroes match is going.


Don’t be a dick (Wil Wheaton’s Law, see video below. Watch from start <22:37> to <24:06>)

  • This has been around forever (as you may have just watched below) because it is a very straightforward common-sense idea. Just don’t be a dick. Whether the game is going fine or not, there really is never a good reason to be inconsiderate, abusive, or troll-like. There’s an unfortunate downside to being anonymous on the internet, but it is your choice whether you abuse that power or not.


That’s it. That’s all I felt was necessary to directly address. There’s no need to complicate or weigh things down with excessive rules just be a good person. With in-game voice becoming potentially LIVE at any moment now is the time when we should all do a quick review of how we want to be perceived through our actions and chat. I dare say I know that a certain level of toxicity will always be present no matter how hard we try but I’d like to see that percent to be as low as possible. I honestly believe that Blizzard helps to create and nurture amazing communities full of amazing people. There’s no reason why Heroes shouldn’t continue to be one of them. It’s all up to you.

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