Maiev, The Warden, The Nerfed

That didn’t take long huh? Maiev, the latest addition to Heroes of the Storm has not even been out a full week and Blizzard has patched her. A win rate like hers has not been seen since the likes of when Li Ming first entered the Nexus. No one in the community is surprised by these nerfs, as we all felt them coming. But, it is surprising to see them come this soon.

You can see the whole length of the patch notes here but sufficed to say this patch was exclusively crafted for Maiev. Literally, nothing else was touched except for her. So what did they change? Two talents, two abilities as well as her base damage and health. Basically, everything you could affect in hopes to stem her solid damage and ridiculous survival which has led to the numbers we’ve all fast assumed was too high.

Maiev Win Rate Opening Week
4 days after her launch Maiev’s win percent had dropped to the low 60% via HotsLogs. Significantly higher than any other single Hero.

But was it enough? It’s far too early to tell at this point. Again, you’ve got to remember that patches this early into a Heroes lifetime is not common. Usually, we have to at least wait a week or more before we see something like this. The fact that the changes are broad sweeps and not minor tweaks give credit to the community that her numbers weren’t just high, but obscenely large.

Maiev vaults Chromies TemporalLoopPersonally, I’d still like to see a CD increase to her trait as my games this week have consisted in finding out the absurd amount of abilities her [D] “Vault of the Wardens” can deny. Really? Chromie’s “Temporal Loop” can be avoided with Maiev’s vault? If that’s supposed to be correct they should change what her trait reads from:


Leap into the air, becoming immune to all hostile effects for 0.75 seconds.


Leap into the air, becoming immune and Unstoppable for 0.75 seconds.

But again, I suppose that’s too much, too soon.

For now, we’ll have to let Maiev stew. The changes done to her need a chance to affect her performance.  For now, she’ll haunt my crescent-shaped nightmares if for nothing else then to deliver bitter one-liners. Damn you Maiev.




Featured Art ~ “The Warden” from themimig on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Warcraft – Maiev Shadowsong” from MarianaEnnes on DeviantArt.


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