I’m Going Necrotic on the Necromancer

I’ve realized now that I’ve become sad in Diablo 3. I had really liked the Necromancer when they launched him last year. So much so that in Season 11 I invested the largest amount of time within Sanctuary that I had in a long, long time. This past season, however, took a steep dive down. Why was this? Had the honeymoon period ended for the Necromancer? No, no, I wouldn’t say that. Rather, it was the Necro’s end-game that had began to stagnate and decay.

I loved playing the Necromancer as soon as it came out last year. It was exciting to see the changes they had made compared to their previous entry in Diablo 2. The Necro remained nostalgically familiar, but still fresh. This left me feeling very excited as to where I’d end up going in the endgame with him.

Suddenly I was level capped, and it finally happened. At first, it wasn’t so bad. The “free” class-set armor that you could earn in Season 11 was called the Rathma set. This was a great set as it was designed around supporting one of the more iconic abilities of the Necromancer: to raise the dead. This would prove to be one of the strongest sets that you could spec into at that time. You’d raise Skeletal Mages to bombard your foes as your other Skeletons rushed into melee. You could have peace of mind and be safe from harm by ripping the very bones of your foes to encase yourself in an outer shell of Bone Armor. I loved it! Everything felt right as a Rathma Necromancer for Season 11, but as time droned on I started to think about how I’d like to play a Necro in the next season.


“Fewer pets.” I thought to myself. “I’d really like to play a Necro that revolved around my Curses.”

Diablo 2 Necromancer

Boy, would I be let down. As I started to look more earnestly into what other non-Rathma Necros did I began to find that there was really only two specs you could go.

One spec revolved around your Skeletons and Skeleton Mages. This was essentially what I had been doing already as a Rathma-Necro so I didn’t find anything new here.

The other spec worked around your Corpse Lance. I had done something similar to this with Corpse Explosion, but nothing beyond that. This initially interested me but very quickly it made me face another issue. If I speced Rathma again I’d find myself forever summoning Skeletal Mages and not really actively doing anything. Or, I could Corpse Lance everything on screen but this was only easy every 2 minutes. It would be a virulent attack of 10 seconds or so that afterwards I’d be stuck waiting on cooldowns untill I could do it again. It was montoneous, and boring.

I wanted to be active. I wanted to do more. I didn’t want to wait on cooldowns as I ran in circles, or feel like I contributed nothing except a couple of mages every few seconds. I felt like I couldn’t win. It wasn’t how I envisioned myself as a Necro anymore. I wanted to be in there with my scythe swinging, and cursing, and diseasing things as I saw fit.

Diablo 3 Crusader

So the following 12th Season I broke down. Halfway through I shelved my Necromancer and rolled a Crusader. I never got very far but the playstyle was refreshing change of pace. Unfortunatly, between the character change and burnout, I never even ended up completing all of my Season goals. But it made me realize what I needed to do for next Season: not play a Necro.

What about you, do you feel burnt on the Necro? Do you agree that there should be more variety too? As for myself, I’ll be initially rolling a Crusader for Season 13. I’m sure I’ll have a Necro on the side as a guilty pleasure but if they don’t freshen up it’s playstyle I’m not sure that I’ll be logging many hours into it. And that, is a damned shame.




Featured Art ~ “Necromancer (Diablo 3)” from IrenHorrors on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Diablo 2: Necromancer” from Markbizkit on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Crusader – Unbreakable warrior” from danyiart on DeviantArt.


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