Learn to Mute

It pains me to bring up toxic players once more but I thought this could be useful to all of us. When you’re in a match and a troll shows up, it can be the difference between a great game and a terrible one. But there is something you can do. It’s fast, often forgotten about, and it’s amazing. Let’s learn to mute.

If any of you play Hearthstone then you may recall how awesome it is to play against someone who can’t talk. It’s something they chose to do by design, and I love it. It’s one of those amazing but forgotten about features that makes that game so approachable. No need to worry about language barriers or getting ripped on by strangers. Just go in, play a game, and enjoy. The closest an opponent can do to talk is just spam their emotes at you. Should they do so, simply right-click their Hero, and select “Squelch?” Voila, no more annoying player.

Heroes of the Storm has a similar feature to Hearthstones Squelch. Should someone be rubbing you the wrong way simply pull open the score screen, and go to their Hero. As of a few patches ago, there now exist toggles for everyone, friend or foe, to be silenced in some sort of way. It’s easy, efficient, so let’s learn to mute!


Learn to Mute


Learn to Mute

Learn to Mute




The process is pretty straightforward. You can specifically choose to mute the player’s pings, chat, or them entirely. The latter is perfect should you think that they’re going to follow up your game with a nasty, childish whisper. The whole thing is painless and in my personal experience quite freeing.

When the one guy just won’t stop spamming their pings, mute them. If all they have to type about is who to blame, mute them. Should they be dropping offensive language or racist comments, don’t just mute, report them. I’m not sure why some people insist it’s OK to spout off about anyone as if they weren’t an actual person, but it’s disgusting to see and they should be punished for doing it. It’s the closest thing we have to accountability in Heroes so don’t be afraid to act.

Did you forget we could mute? Do you even use its function? In my experience, it’s not something I have to do too often as most people in our community are reasonable human beings. But we all have those games, and we’ve all met those people, so instead of letting them ruin your match or your night, be proactive and stop them in their tracks. Learn to mute, and you’ll be happier for it.

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