How to Play Heroes: Be Flexible

I am the first to advocate anyone and everyone that if you’re going to enjoy your time in the Nexus then you should be playing on whomever you’d like. This is one of the most fun ways to experience Heroes of the Storm and can be what hooks in a player to stay for the long haul. However, if you’re playing within a group, and specifically in Hero League, you’ll need to learn to be flexible.

I talked about playing a Hero outside of your comfort zone awhile ago, but the same idea applies. When I first started playing Hearthstone, I made a sinister mistake. Coming from World of Warcraft at that time, for some reason I insisted on finding a “main” Hero or Class to stick to. Though this wasn’t the end of the world, it really did rob me of what the rest of the game had to offer. Come Heroes of the Storm, I made sure to not repeat that mistake. If you’re able to be on more than a handful of Heroes, then not only does that provides diversity for both yourself, and your teammates, but it means you’ll get to enjoy more areas of the game.

I still remember how happy I was when I found I could enjoy playing a Support. It wasn’t anything like my boring experience in WoW, but instead revolved around healing and using your utility at the right times. It was better than being top damage as I found myself in a very similar role as being the Tank. I was enabling the group as a whole to control the tide of battle, secure their kills, and ensure our victory. By trying to be flexible, I found a part of the game that I never thought I’d like.

Be FlexibleIf you think that playing only an Assassin is all you’ll ever need then think again, but you’re punishing anyone who groups with you. Especially if you’re so popular that you tend to fill out your entire party. You’re effectively reserving one of the Assassin slots permanently, which means your other friends are forced to play around you. This may work for some group dynamics, or it may not, but it’s not healthy for the team.

An Assassin is but one example. It may be even more common that some players only Tank, or only Heal. Maybe that saves others from your group the need to worry about those critical roles. But I would argue that you’re only hurting yourself by holding back. With so many different Heroes available now there might be one that fits you perfectly without you even knowing.

So change it up, be flexible and explore your possibilities. You might do terrible but that’s all part of the process. Anyone can get better at a particular Hero, the main thing you need to find out is “Do you like being that Hero?”




Featured Art ~ “Heroes of the Storm: The heat of Battle” from NinjArt1st on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ “Hanzo : YouTube!” from rossdraws on DeviantArt.

1 thought on “How to Play Heroes: Be Flexible

  1. For me building hero is getting the item you need or put a stat where you want your hero to be


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