How to Play Heroes: Midgame

We’ve covered mercenary camps, grouping with the team, when to objective and even the newly revamped early game. So the natural progression is to the midgame. When does it occur, why should it matter and how does your focus change afterward?

Midgame is around level 10 and lasts until, or just before, level 16. Why? It has a lot to do with a longer early game and the power spike any single team can get at level 10. When Heroic Abilities are earned at 10, team fights take on a whole different flow. Suddenly one, or both teams, have access to an extra button they can hit. But it isn’t just any ordinary ability learned through talents, a Heroic Ability is designed to be one of the strongest things you can do as a character. This makes it extra important to pay attention once they’re available. Suddenly you’ll need to know if you should be preparing for huge bursts of healing, damage, or even crowd control. It is because of these new potent additions that we’d consider Midgame to have finally started.

So what else changes in Midgame? Besides Heroic Abilities, you’ll need to be aware of a Heroes scaling. As in how simple level ups and mid-range talent tiers will start to shape a character’s performance. Not all Heroes scale equally. That’s entirely dependant on who you’re talking about. Heroes like Cho’Gall or Lucio become extremely strong late game just after getting their talents at level 16. Other Heroes such as Alarak really just need to complete their early quests and get their Heroic to become a scary force to contend with.

Quests are a great example of Hero scaling. Through them, another kind of power spike can occur, though typically not as huge as level 10. Completing a quest can mean anything from a damage increase, a cooldown decrease, or even higher survivability. It again all depends on who we’re talking about.


Thankfully for quests, matches now announce globally whenever a single Hero completes one. This is extremely useful in being able to gauge a Heroes strength. If for example, you’re a melee heavy team going against a Kael’thas who just completed his Convection Quest, you’ll know that you need to either tread carefully or dive the Kael hard. The bonus damage he receives to Flamestrike at that point is large, especially if he opted to take the other supporting talents for it. Knowing that, or checking its status can become game-changing information. Quest status for all Heroes can be found in the Leader Panel with the default key <Tab>. There, on the far left, you’ll find most quests and their status. If not, check their actual talents chosen.


Lastly, there is minion scaling. If you didn’t know minions *level up* in status every minute on the minute within a match. This means that normal waves, mercenaries, or Heroes helping them become a much larger threat. No longer should you shrug off that lone Hero pushing the bottom lane. An uncontested lane could be pushed deeper and easier with minions alone. If a fort falls then a significant chunk of experience will be earned, so it pays to keep an eye on lanes. You’ll need to know so that you can decide who to send and when even if it’s during an Objective.

Midgame isn’t that different from the early game, it’s just more accelerated. Knowing what can become a threat at this time will largely steer your judgment as you try to navigate the Battlefield. Strong map awareness, talent tier progression, and quest completion will enlighten you as to what you should be doing at all times. Survive this, and you’ll finally arrive at the end game where some of the strongest talents exist, as well as the dilemma of when and how to finish the game.




Featured & Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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