Diablo: Season 13 So Far

I know, I know, it’s another Diablo post but for good reason! As many of you may have noticed the last two posts of mine on HeroesWord have been scarce. This is largely due to two reasons: iRL work, and Diablo Season 13. I’ve finally gotten a chance to talk about the latter, so let’s have a talk.

I love Heroes of the Storm, it is still my go-to game. Period. However, Diablo’s seasonal seduction has begun in full swing now. If this were a year ago, my excitement would have been considerably less but things have changed. I’ve given seasons a fair chance and I get it now. I’m addicted. It’s not even as if I perform that well during them it’s just the whole idea of it all that grabs ahold of me. It feels fresh and new, like a blank slate. Where everyone has an equal chance to be on top.

This past Friday, when the season first started I was lucky enough to fully level up with my friend Mawmaw. As I progressed in level, it started to feel very reminiscent of WoW when a new expansion had been released. Specifically, the Server-first achievements. Sure, I’d argue that in WoW it was a one-sided affair, as anyone who had early access to that new expansions content had a huge one-up over the brunt of the community. But, it was still exciting to see things such as Server First: Mage, Server First: X Raid 10man, or Server First: Grand Master-Acolyte-Super-Saiyen Alchemist. As that kind of achievement began to cross my path in Diablo, I couldn’t really help it but get psyched up.

“Wow! Someone has already cleared a Greater Rift 70?!”

“Whoa! They’ve done what now?”


It’s that kind of unexpected surprise which helps to keep seasons so fresh. Even as time rolls on you’ll still see player’s earning seasonal achievements. And it not that they’re all difficult, but they still serve to make you stand out and take notice.

And that’s why I’ve been distracted lately. I want to play Diablo, even now as I write. The feeling won’t stay forever and I’ll undoubtedly lose steam, but so long as it’s here I want to embrace it. When was the last time you were this excited to play a game? When it was new? During a big patch? Seasons does that for me now and I want to be a part of it. It’s fun for me no matter how bad, or unimpressive I do. Whether you compete against the ladders, your friends, or yourself, there’s always something you can strive after to do. So I’m just going to keep playing. You should give it a fair chance, you might like it too.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.
Additional Art ~ “Kirin Tor Realm First!” from dalaranwow on DalaranWoW.

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