Medivh Gameplay Updates

I did not expect this one. Right now, as we speak, two Heroes are receiving gameplay updates: Medivh & Sonya. Tonight, I want to focus on the Medivh gameplay updates as tomorrow it will be Sonya’s turn. Let’s have a quick perusal of everyone’s favorite and occasionally possessed Archmage: Medivh.

Since his release nearly two years ago, Medivh has received only minor corrections or the occasional bug fix. Although that may sound fine, two years is a lot of time for things to change. Since then, 24 new Heroes have come to join us within the Nexus and there’s no way that that could come without Blizzard learning a few things along the way.

I encourage you to watch Medivh’s video below in which afterward we’ll do the quick and dirty breakdowns as to what exactly got tweaked.

The video does an excellent job of showing some of the larger changes done to Medivh, but should you find yourself on the PTR you’ll notice that there are a lot of little changes too.

In fact, just about every single talent tier of Medivh’s has been altered in some way.


Talent Tier Level 1

Winds of CelerityIncreases Raven Form Movement Speed by 50%. Identical as before, except it’s now on Talent Tier 1 instead of Talent Tier 13 making it a possible option.

Raven’s IntellectRaven Form increases Health and Mana Regen by 75%. Previously, it was only Mana Regeneration by 100%.

Portal MasteryPlace both Portal locations. Identical, except it can be done in Raven Form without breaking Raven Form. You don’t know how many times I would have been able to save a teammate with this but I couldn’t land so I couldn’t cast. A very real choice now that the other Portal talents at this tier have moved.


Talent Tier Level 4

Mage ArmorUsing a Portal grants Armor. Now grants a flat 25 Armor for 4 seconds instead of Block. This is SO much better.

Raven FamiliarUsing a Portal grants a Raven Familiar. Moved from Talent Tier Level 7 to here, it’s largely untouched except that the attack from the Ravens also slow Heroes by 30% now.

Dust of AppearanceActivate to reveal nearby Heroes. This is now merged with the old talent Bird’s Eye View which means once activated you see further and reveal stealth. An excellent Quality of Life (QoL) improvement that means I never have to pick between the two again.


Talent Tier Level 7 (BIG changes)

Mystic Assault  – Arcane Rift empowers Basic Attacks. 40% more damage on your next basic attack plus it heals for 40% of the damage done. This provides another source of minor healing for Medivh that he so woefully needed. With The Master’s Touch quest now modified and baseline this tier suddenly has options.

Arcane ExplosionForce of Will deals area damage. Technically nerfed, however, it’s function has changed slightly. Instead of needing Force of Will to absorb damage for this to do damage, Arcane Explosion will always activate when Force of Will expires. Should it absorb damage then it will do increased damage at that time. Honestly, I never chose this talent because it was on the same tier as The Master’s Touch and Arcane Charge. Good to know it’s an option.

Force of MagicForce of Will can grant Spell Power. And not just a little, but per Force of Will you can gain 20% Spell Power with the ability to stack twice. BA-OOM!


Talent Tier Level 10 (NO CHANGES AT ALL)

Poly BombPolymorph a Hero that spreads to other Heroes.

Ley Line SealUnleash a wave that Time Stops enemy Heroes.


Talent Tier Level 13 (Now exclusively a Force of Will tier)

Circle of ProtectionForce of Will shields allies near the target. Identical, except the terminology no longer says “An untalented Force of Will” so I’m assuming that the 2nd target of Force of Will benefits from previous talents? Can you imagine this with Arcane Explosion? Or even, Force of Magic? BA-OOM-BOOM!

Enduring WillPreventing damage reduces Force of Will cooldown. Instead of an 8-second cooldown (CD), it will become a 3-second CD.

ReabsorptionIncrease Force of Will healing. Identical. Still increases healing to 50% of the damage absorbed.


Talent Tier Level 16

Arcane ChargeArcane Rift deals more damage after hitting a Hero. Moved from Talent Tier Level 7 to here, it’s also been slightly nerfed dropping from a 25% increase in damage to 15%.

Temporal FluxArcane Rift reduces Heroic cooldown. Completely new and very reminiscent of Cho’s (ala Cho’Gall) talent of Runed Gauntlet – Basic Attacks reduce Heroic cooldowns. The difference here is that instead of a reduction of 0.75 seconds, it’s 1 second per Basic Attack. Plus, it’s another 3-seconds PER HERO HIT by Arcane Rift. That is ridiculous! Expect this talent to over-perform in its current state. The only argument against it is that it’s already in such a strong Talent Tier.

Stable Portal Increases Portal uptime. This is the exact same as before and it’s been merged with the old Quickening talent from Talent Tier 13 with the minor difference of a CD reduction of 25% instead of 50%.


Talent Tier Level 20 (Unchanged. Some wording has been altered)

Glyph Of Poly BombPoly Bomb spreads faster and farther. Unchanged.

Medivh Cheats!Ley Line Seal can be redirected while active. Unchanged.

Guardian of TirisfalArcane Rift kills Minions instantly. Unchanged.

Arcane BrillianceGrant Spell Power and Mana to allies. Unchanged.

Dust of Disappearance (Previously named Invisibility)Stealth an allied Hero. Unchanged.


Medivh Gameplay UpdatesOverall Medivh has received some very well needed QoL changes as well as some general housekeeping to his Talent Tiers and Ability themes. These Medivh gameplay updates should go very well received and I cannot wait to see them come to LIVE. It’s renewed my affection for the character whom I always felt was just a bit too weak in some areas. Better start practicing my portals, as we expect the Medivh gameplay updates to come this Tuesday, March 6th.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.
Additional Art ~ “Medivh” from AlexGarner on DeviantArt.

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