Heroes Developer Update Q&A

I skipped over this initially, as I was too excited for the Hero gameplay updates done for Medivh and Sonya. But this 2018 Developer Update is actually very important for the future of Heroes. Let’s look it over together, and talk about why this video will set the tone for any and all future patches.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then let’s catch you up with the video below.

So what’s the big deal? Well, for starters this video had a somewhat lowball but very important message to be heard: Current content is too stacked on top of itself so future releases are going to be more staggered and separated out. With things like new Heroes, Hero-reworks, new Battlegrounds or even Skins there’s just too much content in some patches to be able to digest it all. It may sound like a good problem, but it can be daunting for players to keep up when so much is entering or changing their game constantly. With so much compounded together, it’s no wonder they’ve decided to change up their release style. It’s a decision that I fully support and am surprised it took so long to get to. It’s not just having a chance to digest these changes, but also giving the community time to have them stabilize and become acquainted with.

2018 Developer Update

In the future, Blizzard is hoping to have different releases stand on their own. This will not only ease changes into the Nexus but double as a spotlight on them. As I mentioned before, Heroes, Hero-reworks, and possibly even Battlegrounds will all be fair-game to stand on there own. A great example of this is the Mecha Storm which released this past January. In it, were some amazing new Legendary skins for different Heroes and a Hero-rework of Tyrael. We were even so lucky as to get an anime-styled cinematic to reveal it all. It’s this kind of promotion which we may get more of with this new approach to releases. Slower, or more paced out content means that there will be larger timeframes of stability and preparation for new developments to come.

2018 Developer Update

So what’s to come? Medivh and Sonya should become LIVE very soon and they’ve already teased us about Lunara being looked at. As for battlegrounds, Hanamura seems to be nearly-ready and I suspect a brand new Battleground is still just around the corner. Whatever the Heroes team releases next is up to them, but at least when it does come we can expect a lot more fanfare and focus on the changes that matter to us.


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