The Alternate Universe of Heroes

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of awesome mech-themed skins within the Nexus. I’d even go so far as to call them events as Blizzards new release style seem to have sights set on increasing the fanfare for smaller announcements. With some similar themes overlapping I can’t help but wonder, are the members of STORM and the machines from the great Mecha War within the same alternate universe?

Mecha Tyrael Screenshot2

I won’t deceive you, nowhere in their respective write-ups do they have mention of one another. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t all from the same fictitious timeline. It wouldn’t be the first time that an alternate universe was created out of nothing, such as the superhero skins for Tyrande, Sonya, Medivh, and others. I can see a world where Mecha Tyrael patrols the skies against invading xenotech, as the agents of STORM keep the city streets safe from more human-grade threats.

Even if they aren’t from the same universe, you can’t dispute that we’ve had some very similar-styled releases in these last few months. Is Blizzard building up to a themed event? Could the next Battleground be Neo Stormwind? With their latest changes to how content will be released,  all of this may be closer than you think. They are looking to build upon and hype up some of the more mundane releases such as their skins. If new Heroes and Hero reworks can stand on their own then maybe a whole bundle of alternate universe skins can too. The door is wide open as Blizzard begins to test the waters on how they want to do this. We may be witnessing the so-called limits of what they do, and don’t, want to be packaged alone in patches.

Enforcer Johanna Screenshot

Or, we could take a different perspective. As Blizzard builds these fun alternate universes perhaps it’s the right time to flesh out some of the more popular ideas. No Neo Stormwind Battlefield? How about the superheroes of the Nexus getting a map or yet another bundle to flesh out their conflict. Ideas like these are what concept artists dream of. Give them an idea, a setting, and let them go to town. What would they really come up with? These opportunities are made because of Heroes and the no-strings-attached fun they can have in its Nexus. We shouldn’t waste such prospective potential.

What are your thoughts? Do you think we’ll ever get Neo Stormwind or a superhero Battleground? Only time will tell, but until I see some answers I’m going to keep on enjoying all of these futuristic releases that they keep giving. Can I get a Terminator Cho’Gall anyone?!

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