Hearthstone in 2018

Holy Khadgar has this year started off with a bang. After a few months of anticipation, Hearthstone is ready to release some of its newest secrets. From the Year of the Raven to the Hall of Fame Board to all the way into Gilneas for The Witchwood, Hearthstone in 2018 has got you covered.

Where do I even start? So much has suddenly erupted out of Blizzard that I’m borderline overwhelmed as I try and keep up. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was wondering what the New Years picture (see below) meant for Hearthstone. Was it a tease? Was I being too desperate? Is that a dragon?

Who knows and who cares apparently, as it meant nothing for the news that they’ve released. What I was attempting to scry from that tweet was what to expect for Hearthstone in 2018. The answer is in, so let’s break it down chronologically.

2018 Timeline for Hearthstone

Hearthstone in 2018

Doesn’t that stoke your fire? Isn’t this awesome!? If you don’t know what you’re looking at this is the timeline for Year of the Raven and the expansions that are planned to come out in that period. Each slab with an “Expansion” title is a teaser image for what that expansion will be about. As you can tell from the first one, we already know that “Expansion 1” will be: The Witchwood. What’s that you ask? Continue down below my friend.

A New Expansion

Hearthstone in 2018

I present to you: The Witchwood. A spooky and mysterious expansion that seems to take place in and around the land of Gilneas. This was only just revealed and we’re receiving more cards and information each day. Things like…

A New Hearthstone Hero

Hearthstone in 2018

Lunara! Everyone’s favorite Dryad must be doing well for herself to wiggle into Hearthstone. With every Hearthstone class BUT Druid having an alternative “skin” it’s high time that this happened. Though I don’t really consider her a “Druid” she does seem like a fun changeup from the ever-serious Malfurion.

Hall of Fame Cards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes certain classic cards are converted into Wild and can’t be played any longer in Standard mode. The above cards have been selected this time so we can expect to see their end in Standard play to come during Year of the Raven. If you’d like an in-depth analysis you can read it straight from Blizzard, but sufficed to say they all have good reasons and removing them allows for other class builds to have a chance whereas before they may not of.

And Then…

  • Quests are becoming slightly quicker and more rewarding
  • In-game tournaments are getting some much-needed support
  • Fireside gatherings are getting support and even more features


Overall, you really can’t complain about what is heading our way down the pipe. Hearthstone in 2018 is carving it’s way out to be yet another one of excitement. It makes me really happy that I jumped back into it all about a year ago now. Finally, I can join my fellow Tavern dwellers in this Hearthstone hype. Get pumped people! The Year of the Raven will be upon us soon.




Featured & Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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