To Those Who Miss The Dragoon, Here’s Fenix

“20 years of war, 20 years of strife, 20 years of epic storytelling, touching millions of lives.” That’s how Blizzard tried to bring attention to their second oldest and still running franchise. StarCraft is now 20 years old and even if that means nothing to you Blizzard would like you to take notice. They’ve already had a host of free digital merchandise that you can simply get by logging into most of their games. And if that wasn’t enough, the next new Hero to join us within the Nexus with be a Dragoon. That amazing unit from the original StarCraft. Here’s Fenix.


Fenix has only just been announced a scant few hours ago, but it didn’t take long for the #hype to seep in. I may not always be the most avid StarCraft player but what I do know is its lore. I am a Lore-whore and I’m ok with that. The storytelling present in all of Blizzard’s games has a tendency to suck me in and get me going. It’s why I own so many of their extended universe novels. It helps me to build my worlds, live my adventures, and become a part of it all. And that is exactly why I’m so excited that a Dragoon will be making its way into Heroes.

Dragoons, lore-wise, are amazing units. Twitter user @AzerothDefender summed it up quite adequitly:

He’s inside the machine, it’s a vehicle called a “dragoon” that carries the bodies of gravely injured warriors. Basically, Protoss too wounded to fight are given a second chance in a dragoon to fight once again. It’s a walking tank with powerful weaponry and life support systems.

Originally from Twitter.

That’s right. Those aren’t just tanks, but walking-talking vetrans of war armed to the teeth. And Fenix isn’t just some ordinary Dragoon of course, he is quite legendary indeed.

Originally a Zealot, “Fenix rose through the Templar ranks alongside his friends Artanis and Tassadar and fought against the enemies of the protoss in countless battles.” <via StarCraft wiki> Often fighting against insurmountable odds but proving victorious, it would take throngs of encounters before falling the first time at the Second Battle of Antioc. From there, the Protoss would recover his ruined body and place it into a dragoon exo-skeleton which would serve Fenix has his new body for many, many fights to come.


Sufficed to say Fenix is a fan-favorite when it comes to StarCraft and esepcially the Protoss. That is enough to get this #hype train in full swing as we keep our eyes peeled these next few days to see the what they’ll release about him next. If Blizzard’s previous patterns are any indication I’d expect something new daily. Until then, I’ll be crossing my fingers in hopes that we find out his moves next!




Featured Art ~ “Dragoon” from Mr–Jack on DeviantArt.
Additional Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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