Carbot Has Come to Heroes of the Storm

I had always secretly hoped for this. Ever since Carbot officially entered StarCraft 2, I had held hope that the same sort of thing might enter the Nexus. I’ve personally been lucky enough to follow them on YouTube ever since some their first season’s episodes of StarCrafts were coming out. Nowadays, they nearly covers all of Blizzard games with series like HeroStorm, UnderWatched, and WowCraft so it makes sense that one of the most prominent community members get their day in the sun within Heroes of the Storm.

I don’t know Carbot personally, though I wish I did. Their ongoing intro of “Hey guys, it’s me, it’s your best friend, it’s Carbot.” has wooed me ever since I first heard them use it. But what caught my attention way before that were their animations. Opting to use such an innocent, cartoon style to illustrate the more humorous sides of Blizzards games and their respective cliché antics has gone over fantastically. The not-so-serious take on these common problems we’ve all experienced helps to ground their episodes for us as the viewer, leaving their perspective to be our perspective. It’s that familiarity which pulls in the fans and newcomers alike to their channel that now has nearly 1 million subscribers.

One of my favorite episodes ever of the HeroStorm series: “Varian Parryin”

Carbots continued success and popularity have been well earned through the hard effort and dedication they continually put into their creations. For this reason and more, the amazing Blizzard communities have shown them great love and support in their ongoing endeavors. Even Blizzard themselves have collaborated with Carbot on several occasions such as Blizzcon trailers, Blizzcon appearances, and even in-game content. Finally, Heroes of the Storm will be on the receiving end of this as we welcome for the first time to the Nexus: HeroStorm portraits and sprays.

You may have already noticed a few of them from our thumbnail of this article, but to check out the rest you’ll need to either log into the current PTR, head on over to Blizzards latest post, or wait until this Tuesday when it’s expected these additions will go LIVE.

Chances are if you’re here, or played a game on the PC, you’ve probably played a Blizzard title. And if you haven’t heard of Carbot yet, it’s about damn time to get up to speed. It doesn’t matter if you hail from World of Warcraft or Overwatch, Carbot has a video for you. And as they tug at our collective heartstrings I hope their loving intro will echo in your mind “Hey guys, it’s me, it’s your best friend, it’s Carbot.”




Featured & Additional Art ~ from Carbot Animations

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