Hearthstone this March 26th

By now, we’re all aware that The Witchwood is on its way to Hearthstone as it’s next expansion. Come mid-April we’ll all have a front row seat to the action, so in typical Blizzard tradition, there are celebrations coming to get us all prepared and #hyped. The one I’m most excited about comes out March 26th, so you best get prepared.

What’s on March 26th? According to Blizzard, they’re throwing a New Year of the Raven party! From then, until April 9th everytime you complete a daily quest you’ll also be awarded a card pack. That is some insane value! The card packs may be from Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Kobolds & Catacombs, or even The Witchwood. Should you be lucky enough to grab some decks from the latest expansion then you’ll have to look at them all dreamy-eyed and drooling for now. When The Witchwood officially comes out you’ll then be able to open it’s card packs.

Any event is always welcomed to those who frequent Hearthstone’s tavern, but this kind of event is the best for Free-to-play (F2P) players. Who can say no to practically guaranteed card packs? You don’t even have to do anything different: show up, complete your dailies and profit! At that point, you’ll be double-dipping from the normally awarded gold from quests and the free extra card packs. As a fellow F2P player, I am ready for more cards as it’s the best reward I could ever ask for. Just try and have 3 daily quests for when the event starts.

It’s time to help bring in the New Year for Hearthstone. Just complete as many daily quests as you can and you can earn as many as 16 extra card packs for nothing! I’ll see you all in the New Year of the Raven.




Featured Art ~ from Blizzard Entertainment.

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